Friday, April 3, 2009

School Pictures

"A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops." - Henry Adams

Crisfield is located in Somerset County. There are a little over 20,000 people in our county. We have two high schools, an intermediate school and five elementary and primary schools. We also have a technology and career center.

In the future, I will give a little more background on our schools and highlight some of our teachers. I will say that two years ago, one of our county teachers was named Maryland Teacher of the Year. Just this week, Somerset County picked another Teacher of the Year who will go on to compete for the 2009 Maryland Teacher of the Year award. Good luck Heather McHenry! McHenry is the band teacher at Crisfield High School.

This week I took several photos for the paper related to the Somerset Teacher of the Year awards. While at the The BOE, I was intrigued by a beautiful bronze statue. While I was waiting in the hallway at the BOE, I snapped a few shots of the statue.

Someone told me there was another bronze statue at the intermediate school. Well, I just had to see it, and of course, shoot it. Then, I took a photo of the school, then I shot an auction inside the elementary school, then I snapped a photo of a teacher, then I could not resist taking a photo of the marquee in front of the elementary school...we photographers just don't know how to stop.

I have always said that behind every story there is another story, and so it goes. I found out that both statues were donated to the school system by School Superintendent Dr. Karen-Lee Brofee and her husband Jim Brofee. I thought that was pretty neat. I also thought it was pretty neat that one statue came from Canada and one from Italy.

In an earlier post, I wrote about how special our law officers, EMS, and firemen are to our communities. Ranking right up there with them, are our teachers who sometimes do not get the credit they deserve. Behind every good school there are good teachers and leaders.

Now I know Dr. Brofee would like for me to leave it at that. And I will. Just let me add that Dr. Brofee has brought a lot to the Somerset County School system. When people care, it shows; not just in bronze but in pure gold.

I want to thank all of the teachers of Somerset County. You are appreciated!


This statue came from Canada. It sits in the hallway of the Somerset BOA.
Click to enlarge photos.


This statue graces the main hallway at our intermediate school. It's a "green" school!

This statue, from Italy, sits in the main hallway at the intermediate school.


All we had when I was in elementary school was, "Reading, 'riting, and 'rithmatic." It's nice to know that our kids are being taught more these days. We could all do with a little extra hope and confidence (except for Butler and Bagman - inside blogger joke for one of our favorite bloggers).

Getting along with everyone is pretty easy for me, but I know some world leaders who could do with a little "learning" at this school!


Going into the elementary school, I found this nice auction going on. People in small towns are great about pitching in for all kinds of things to help out the schools and the kids.

All of my followers have read about our Smith Island cakes. Well, here is one, all tied up in pretty Easter paper, being auctioned off. I don't why I did not put my name down. I love Smith Island cake! I guess I was caught up in getting the picture. Photographers don't have any stomachs when they are shooting. I am not shooting now!

Another item being auctioned off at the school: A crab pot. Many of you have also heard me talk about crab pots. Some of you are amused that we call them crab "pots." I was, too, when we moved here.

Well, here is a pretty crab pot ready for the Easter...crab? I didn't know crabs laid colored eggs. And they are so big! That is really a cute Easter idea. Gosh, I should have bid on that, too!

Not for auction, but this smiling teacher, dressed like a spring flower in her Easter colors, made a nice close for my shoot.


Well, actually, this is my close...


Let's all do that today!

"Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions."


J9 said...

I find it difficult to shoot either the scool my kids go to, or the ones I've attended. I don't have the detachment I need to shoot with a photographer's eye!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I just love all of those statues!! It's hard to choose between such cuteness but the little girl with the braids stroking the doggie is my favorite.....I think....
Hope you and Huey have an awesome weekend and....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Butler and Bagman said...

Not Afganistan, but great photojournalism! I love shooting statues...not sure why. It seems odd to make art but taking pictures of other art, but...nice angle on the butterfly.

Patty said...

J9: Go shoot away, girl. Your kids will want to pass those photos on one day.

The photo of the teachers at the auction table might just look like a snapshot, but what they are doing will never happen again - the way they are standing, they way they are holding the pens, the way they are thinking. Gone in an instant!

People walking by them would have thought nothing of it. But I took that normal, everyday moment and made something special out of it, and I froze that moment in time.

Whenever I take a photo, I keep in mind that it may still be around in some form 100 years from now. My camera is a recorder of time.

I have shot some very important people in the world. I have trekked over several countries documenting many things.

Being retired, I now shoot small town happenings. Not as exciting, but no less important to me than photographing a president or someone in Cambodia sweeping for landmines.

So go for it. Shoot what you see. More importantly, shoot what you feel.

Tanya said...

I really enjoyed this whole post and what awesome statues! Sounds like a very good school district :0

Michelle said...

How great that the kids have such neat statues at school. And got to love the crab pot as an auction item. Not something you would see out in my neck of the woods. :)

HalfCrazy said...

Teachers are so unappreciated! I can't do what they do! Disciplining naughty kids? I can't even discipline myself! It's a great thing you took the time to visit school grounds!

Beautiful bronze statues and the school looks so clean and organized! I'll give up my current school for this lol.