Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Around

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I shot this from my car last week (no I was not driving), and used it as a feature shot for the newspaper. Since it has been raining all day, and I have nothing else to post without putting a lot of words to the photo (which I hate to do), I thought I would post this.

Barry made a post today about his mass transit. We don't have fancy trains like some of you do. We don't need them. We can get just about anywhere in Crisfield that we need to go on foot, bikes, or scooters. I have a Honda scooter and my husband has a Harley. We have bikes, too.

Crisfield is great for biking. Nice and flat.

When planning your next vacation, be sure to think of Crisfield. Pack up your bikes, scooters, kayaks, canoes, haul your boats; bring the kids, the dogs, the neighbors, and have a ball!


Lew said...

I just found my way here from David's authorblog. I enjoy your posts of the eastern shore (I have been to some parts, but not Crisfield). I also went to your web site and I am touched by your photos and stories!

The Pink Bird House said...

that picture could have been taken over here, where it seems that everyone gets around on a bike, by foot or on a scooter. We have a scooter for the kids and they use it all the time to go locally. Sure saves on gas, and with the prices as high as they are here in Europe, every penny counts!! My son goes to college in M√ľnster and there are literally more bikes and scooters then cars! It is a wild city to drive in. Hope all is well there with you. I started to send you an email the other day and then my computer crashed on me. So much for that email. I will start another one! ciao, Debby

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Lol, he looks a little big for that bike no?
I wouldn't ride a bike in the rain for anything.....not even with Bagman (okay....maybe with Bagman),
Great shot and are you sure you weren't driving???? I confess.....I've done it before.
There, I've said it. Yeppers, I'm a drive-by shooter :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

pizzapizza said...

that picture tells a story

Joanne said...

Great shot! Crisfield sounds like a great walking place, too, more my thing. A pair of sneaks and I'm good to go.

Patty said...

Pizzapizza: Yep. It says we don't live in the city. Keep an eye out for that little green car. Let's see who can get a photo of it in action first. I saw it last week. It zoomed by me, and I backtracked to catch it in action, but by the time I went around the highway, it was parked in front of Gordon's.

I would give anything to get a photo a of the little scooter and the little car at the same time, without setting it up. That would be awesome.

Reggie Girl: That is just life around here. We are used to seeing anything on the road, kinda like what you would see in a little laid back touristy town.

The guy was headed to work. He had Mountain Dew in one bag, and a can of extra gas in the other bag. That was so cute.

PBH: Yes. People in Germany and other countries, as well as vacation spots, know how to get around in simple ways. Makes us more of bayside town, I think, and even a little "European."

Lew: Thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet another Marylander. I like your town. You should definitely come and visit Crisfield!

Patty said...

Joanne: Yep. Crisfield is a great place for taking a long relaxing stroll. A lot of people bike from their homes, and just walk along Main Street, rest on the dock, and watch the boats come and go.

gigi said...

I would so fall off that thing. And to try and carry bags would really do me in!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I bet he gets good gas mileage!

Patty said...

Gigi: Juggling bags on bikes and scooters is no problem around here.

Noe Noe Girl: Yes. My Honda scooter gets 100 miles to the gallon.

GingerV said...

we are also used to seeing all sorts of transport here but I would never ride anything that low to the ground - I would be run over by a motoboy making his deliveries. Your town must be great to allow for such fun transport.

Butler and Bagman said...

I'm sure there is quite a story inside that fellow.

hensly said...

Great Photo!

Crisfield seems like a great town to go biking or to ride a motorcycle. Both are some of my favorite activities.

Missy said...

It's so cute. I want to have that one too :-). Here, a lot of people are using their bikes even Japanese Military Men, they use bike when going to work.

Kathy in CA said...

With my inherent clumsiness, I'd fall off that thing even before I was out of the driveway!

I love the charm your town has; it's such a change of pace from my suburban burg.