Monday, April 27, 2009

Diving in Crisfield

Please enjoy this photo of Nick Caloyianis. He is a world famous diver and an award winning filmmaker. I don't have time to go into the details, but you can Google him for more info.

I snapped this photo of Nick on the Crisfield County dock last weekend as he was coming in from a diving trip in Tangier Sound. We actually get a lot of famous people around these parts.

I have been really busy, but that is no surprise to those of you who follow this blog. I did take a day off yesterday to go fishing, and I have some great photos of the bay still in my camera, so stay tuned.

Spring and summer are really busy for me. I am working on several posts that I hope to finish within the next few days.

I apologize for not keeping everyone up to date on the happenings around Crisfield, in photos, of course. And I apologize for not visiting my blogging friends. I will come 'round for a cup of tea or a pint or beer, or what have you, shortly.

All your divers out there should keep Crisfield in mind when seeking a new adventure. There is no telling what you might discover in our bay. There is a lot of history out there.

Oh, and I am so jealous of Nick's cameras. Click photo to enlarge. And those cameras were just a few pieces of his gear!

"The reason I love the sea I cannot explain — it’s physical. When you dive you begin to feel like an angel. It’s a liberation of your weight."
~ Jacques-Yves Cousteau


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I'm going to go check out Nick.

Joanne said...

If your weather yesterday was anything like ours in New England, mid-80s and sunny, you had a great day for fishing! Do you ever dive too?

Patty said...

Noe Noe Girl: Nick was really nice guy. It was a pleasure and a surprise to run into him.

Joanne: No diving for me, but our son is a certified diver. He dives for pleasure only, and has been all over the world to check out cool diving places. His favorite was Australia and Galapagos.

gigi said...

It's been foreve since I've been fishing. I think it's time to go!

J9 said...

I tried my hand at underwater photography, but living a couple of hours away from the good places to dive and shoot, and having small kids put a damper on that. I'm sticking to land for now, and someday will head back into the blue!

nessabates said...

oh how cool! I will have to look him up. I can't wait to see the fishing photos :)I havent been around much lately either with the move.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Yoohoo, I love to google people so will be checking nick out as soon as I am done here! Don't you even begin to fret about not getting around to posts nor to leaving comments on our blogs, dearest Patty. We all have our busy moments in life and there just is not enough time in our days to get all things in that we would like to, and some thing have to take priority, like work! So we will be here when you get down to posts, happy to see you again, and anxious to see what of Crisfield you will be sharing with us next. hugs from a place you have been to, :-) Debby

willow said...

I've always been fascinated with underwater photography. Was it from watching Lloyd Bridges as a child? ;^)

Oz Girl said...

A wonderful photo of Nick and his gear!

Let's get together for that pint and sit a spell... I hear ya on not having the time you've wanted the last few days. I've been in that same position since last week!

Anonymous said...

I would love to try underwater photography!

I don't trust doctors either. :) I am so happy people are pleased with my choice. I am very excited too - everyone comes up with such great shots.
It really means a lot to me that you like my work. :)

I love how dynamic your portraits are. You really capture the essence of the person. This shot is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I Love the ocean but not to dive in it!! I just want to wade & own a Beach Front Property... LOL!!

Patty said...

Marilyn: When you get that home on ocean front property, give me a call. I will be your first guest.

Jen: Sometimes people are easy to photograph. Nick was a good subject. He was just himself, and that made it easy. Some people are really tough. The best shots are when you lower your camera and they relax.

I love to photograph seasoned politicians because they know when a camera is on them and they know how to smile, and be animated without looking at the camera.

In this case, the photo was all about looking at the camera. I actually had one of Nick looking out at the bay but I liked this one better. He is relaxed and engages the viewer. I would have rather had the bay behind him, but sometimes the sun is not a photographers best friend. We either have to bring out the filters and the flash or work around the sun, which I did because I had to scoot to an assignment.

Oz Girl: That sounds good. I'm ready for a few days of sitting and doing nothing. Bring on the ale!

PBH: Thanks for the encouraging words. I know everyone understands. We all get busy, and we feel guilty about not keeping in touch.

Willow: I loved Lloyd Bridges in that show. We all wanted to run out and live on the water and dive with the fishes.

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Did you catch anything ? I love fishing.

wishbone said...

Wow. Diving in Tangier Sound last weekend. That must have been something with everybody and their brother out in the Sound trolling for stripers. I was there on Saturday. It was a mad house. Nice blog. Keep up the good work!

Missy said...

I haven't tried diving in the water i just tried snorkling and I was already happy already swimming with the fish :-) Nick has huge gears, really professional.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I would totally dive with that good looking hunk of a dude...........can you get me his number??????
Nice shot girl :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl