Saturday, March 14, 2009

Snow in March!

It was almost 70 a few days ago, then came the snow. It did not last long. Here are a few photos I took while looking for a feature shot for the paper.

Rain, sleet or snow...I captured this photo of Kenny G. Evans, of the Crisfield Post Office, delivering mail.

Trespassed on my neighbors lawn to get these photos.

Fog had settle on a pond, and with no one around, I told my husband to jump out of the car and do a little snow walk for me. I had to capture that fog. I knew his red jacket would make for a dramatic shot. Click on photo to enlarge.

You would not think it was planting time from the snow on the ground.

And the snow turned into rain.

My newspaper did not do a web gallery of the snow (it was not a major weather event) so I can not link you the one photo I sent them.

The Daily Times is out of Salisbury, Maryland, which is about 45 minutes from Crisfield. I cover events in Crisfield and Somerset County. Please visit the Daily Times for news around Maryland.


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Lovely snaps and what's a little trespassing between neighbors in such friendly towns as we live in........pooh, pooh to those nasty restraining order's I say, lol.

Geez, I have to say I'm glad that snow is up there and not here ruining my Romaine, Red Sail lettuce and my Early Divider Broccoli that I got into the ground last week :)

Hope you and Huey have a fabulous weekend gal and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Anonymous said...

I have always loved photography! Yours is exquisite.... Am I stating the obvious!!
I live in NE PA. You can have our snow!! Deal??
Take Care!

The Pink Bird House said...

for once I can honestly say that Germany has nicer weather then over state-side. NO SNOW here, and I am not sad about that fact at this time of year! :-) Not real warm here yet, but it is coming slowly but surely. there is a feel of it in the air. I can not wait.

Patty said...

Marilyn: Thanks for your comment. I just play with photos on this blog. I have to save the "real" photos for the paper.

The photo of my husband was a great shot, but it never could have been used in the paper. I just wanted to capture that fog rising up for the blog.

If there would have been a person in that spot when I was passing by, that would have made a great feature shot for the paper.

A feature shot is something that is happening at the moment. You can't make it up, change it, or have it happen again. You have to be in the right place at the right time with the right light. And composition is important. It all has to come together, and you may have a split second to get it.

When people look at a feature shot in a newspaper, they don't realize all that went into it.

Sometimes photographers can ride the roads for hours looking for the right shot. I can't tell you how many times I have put on my brakes and jumped out in the middle of traffic to get a good feature.

We can set up shots for illustrations, something that goes with a story, but we can't play with features. It's a code we have.

And then there are "Cheese" shots. Not as exciting as stumbling upon a feature, but it is fun capturing people at events enjoying themselves. I love giving people their 15 minutes fo fame.

Hope you can join us in our town shoot outs. Next week, it is houses. Is that right, Reggie Girl? LOL.

Patty said...

Reggie Girl: It was a friendly trespass. No knocking on doors needed around these parts.

Barry said...

Beautiful photographs as usual, Patty. But for a Canadian coming out of one of the longest winters with nearly the most snow since records were kept, even the most picturesque winter scenes make me want to curl up in a ball and whimper.

Patty said...

This was just a tiny sprinkling, but newsworthy for March.

Four inches of snow makes us want to curl up and whimper here.

When we lived in Georgia, an inch did the job.

J9 said...

Patty you are right, the fog shot is very nice. Serene, and peaceful!

HalfCrazy said...

No fancy cameras, huh? Okay, I think I should give it a try. So when is the next shootout and what will be the topic? It depends on the topic. Thanks for the invite! Ms. Patty, I think this is a really great idea of yours! :D

My, that is a pretty heavy fog! It's cool that you guys have it in Maryland! But I know the cold can be a pain in the ass in some days. The field is so beautiful too!

HalfCrazy said...

Whoops, I just read your comment on my blog, okay, I'll try to take shots of some houses! Just any kind of house? :) I mean, like, anywhere?

Patty said...

HalfCrazy: Our next subject is houses.

The shoot out was not entirely my idea. I just challenged Reggie Girl to a one-time shoot out. We decided to do it again and invited Barry to join us. More people followed. I think we are going to have even more people next week.

It is a nice way to show off our towns, and give everyone a chance to do some virtual visiting. We are waiting for Oprah to call us, but so far no one has heard from her.

You can shoot old houses or new houses, or mix them up. We like for everyone to post their photos on Fridays. The earlier the better, so we can do some linking.

Barry picked graveyards for our March 27 shoot out.

We are letting those who participate pick the subject matters each week.

Look forward to having you.

Patty said...

Thanks J9. It was extremely peaceful. And it was not even that cold. I only had a light jacket on. A few hours later, the winds came, and I was ready to sit by the fire.

willow said...

It's been very cold here the last several days, but no snow! That last shot is especially nice, Patty.

Kathy said...

I was forwarded your blog by a friend who lives in Crisfield--and you've inspired me to start one for my hometown! I love looking at your photos and seeing about life on the other coast. Thanks for sharing!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Snowing is a little better, but with rain..? Oh my God, that would be super cold and hazardous.. I love the photo with the small berries and noting that you trespassed just to show it to us..! I love you for that..

Butler and Bagman said...

Snow walk is excellent. I wish I could get my wife to pose in photos. She will only participate in the family stand-up and say cheese pictures. The delicate one of half-melted snow on grass stalks...also great. Glad you're film is actually advancing now...oh yes, with digital we don't have to worry about loading it anymore.

Patty said...

Kathy in CA: Glad you were inspired by our little community. Hope you can join us in our town shoot-outs. It is a fun way to show off our towns and to highlight some of the good things about our towns that visitors never see.

I plan on adding more of the people who make our town what it is. It takes a lot of hands to put on events and keep the wheels turning.

One of my future projects will be to highlight our firemen, policemen, city officials, and of course our EMT. And our waterman, workers, regular citizens...the list never ends.

As you know, Crisifeld is a small town. When I started this blog, I wondered if I would have enough material to keep it going.

Now, I am asking myself when I am going to find all the time to cover everything and everyone. And, when all else fails there will always be a beautiful sunset, a flower, or someone just walking in the rain. The beauty of a town can be expressed in the simplest of terms.

We look forward to you sharing your town with us.

Thanks for visiting.

Missy said...

Oh I like your shots especially the snow on the farm field, it reminds me of our front yard here :-). We had snow last week but the snow melted already getting ready for the spring. By the way how do I join your photo every week? The last time you invited me was for the church photo but I didn't have any pictures yet.

Patty said...

Butler and Bagman: Are my two new friends doing today? Hope one of you is behaving.

I concur with your wife. I do not like to have my photo taken. I did not want to add my mug to the people section, but my husband took it and it was a little dark, so you can't see me all that well. Cheese!

Patty said...

Missy: Thanks for stopping in all the way from Japan. I look forward to seeing more of your photos. Nice shots!

Willow: Thanks for stopping in, too. Do you have any photos of food posted on your site today? Guess I will take a look. All that talk of bread and soup, not to mention the photos made me eat more than my share that day.

Loida: Our neighbor did not mind my trespassing. The snow and berries was such a good shot.

Maggie May said...

i love the snow on the berries

Michelle said...

Great shots. The snow and the berrys! Love it!

Basir Seerat said...

an excllent shots , very funy as artist , i love the one in the snow tern to rain.

Patty said...

Basir: Thanks for visiting my site. I know you are a busy person in Afghanistan. Thank you for your beautiful photos. You stay safe over there, my friend.

Patty said...

Thanks Maggie May and Michelle. All in fun, and to show off our nice town.

Ieni said...

Nice snow photos you got as well! I love the one of the guy walking in the fog of snow.

Patty said...

Thanks Leni. That's my hubby.