Thursday, March 19, 2009

People are Nice

I posted the above photo, altered in Adobe Photo in an earlier post, before. I am posting it again because this is where my husband and I had dinner earlier this evening.

As we were half-way through our dinner, a business owner came up to our table and thanked me, not only for the feature shots I have taken of Crisfield that have been published in the newspaper, but for photos I have posted on the blog.

He pulled money out of his wallet and placed it on our table, offering to pay for our meal. After going a civil round with him, we let him win.

I started this blog because I think we have a beautiful town and because I love to take photos. My newspaper can only use so many photos. It is a newspaper, not the encyclopedia!

Someone once said, "A writer writes, always." Well, a photographer photographs, always.

In the old days, photographers stashed their negatives and photographs in dusty bins, where, unless they were, or became famous, faded away. This is a great age that we live in, where we can snap a photo and send it around the world to be enjoyed by people we will never meet. It is so nice to share images and words with people.

Being able to do this is a gift to me, a gift to you, and a gift to everyone in our town.

I thought about our "brief" encounter with the businessman all evening. We really should have argued harder. I felt bad about accepting his offer. What would Butler and Bagman say?

And then, I thought. No. This is Crisfield. When people give you something, it is from the heart. Take it graciously and savor the spirit in which it was given.

People and towns just don't get any nicer than Crisfielders and Crisfield.

Thank you. We enjoyed our dinner.


HalfCrazy said...

Well I guess that's a small token of appreciation there! I've never seen someone so dedicated to her town. Yep, that's you, hahaha.

Butler and Bagman said...

Great use of Photoshop. The black lines of roof and tower are a perfect target for that filter (whose name I can't recall without seeing it)but you applied it subtlety. Bravo. I am still overdoing it and turn my pictures into Walt Disney impersonating Andy Warhol. The cars, at least the silver one, almost look unaffected. I wanted to see it at 200% because I almost wondered if you masked it as well and applied the filter differently in different areas. In any case, Bravo.

willow said...

It always does my heart good to hear about a kind gesture! My kids had a third grade teacher who always kept a sign that read, "Invest in Kindness" above the blackboard in her classroom.

The Cove looks like a place to get a tasty meal as well as bump into some nice people!

Anonymous said...

There are so many grateful & gracious people around. It seems like the media (radio, television & print) just camps on the negative. Why do they think that is what sells?? I would rather hear or read a piece about a bonifide Good Deed than about some pervert in a filthy house... Sorry my media rant?!??!?!?!
(I will try harder not to rant in my next post) LOL!!
Until Later!

Patty said...

Halfcazy: Sometimes dedication springs from inspiration, and a need to express one's self.

Inspiration is everywhere around here.

Butler and Bagman: The secret is in Adobe CS3. It was one of the filters (I can't remember which). I do remember I did not play with it any after I filtered it. I just clicked the filter and liked the way it looked.

Willow: It is people like your kid's teacher who posted the lovely sign, and the businessman in our town, who could have just waved at us instead of insisting on picking up out tab, that make the world such a nice place.

And it is people like you, and all the other nice people I have met in the Blogosphere, that give us all renewed faith in mankind.

Kindness is indeed infectious. We need to spread it around a little more.

Yes. The Cove is a great place to eat, and it has a nice view of the marina. We have a lot of yummy places to eat around here.

Marlyin: I agree. I guess some people like to dwell on the bad in the world. We certainly can't go around acting like there is no bad in the world. That would be silly.

In this day and age, we have to be more careful than our parents and our grandparents did, no matter where we live.

But there is no reason we can't enjoy the beauty that is around us, give back to our communities, and think positively.

Just smiling at someone in the grocery store can make their day. Little things add up.

I think it is all the little things that make our town so special.

Si's blog said...

Neat story. Need to remember The Cove if we get to Crisfield.

Some folks look for evil. And always seem to find it. Some look for good, and it is always there in spades. People are good. And fun to observe and experience.

Taking gifts is always awkward. Seem to naturally say "no thanks". But it is good to accept and reciprocate. People like to give gifts and it is a duty to accept with grace.

The Pink Bird House said...

The more I hear about Crisfield, the more I wish I lived in a place like that, nice places, nice people, and your pride in the place is most definitely evident. I can see why my sister loves living in MD so much!! And I love visiting her there when ever I am home in the states for while.

J9 said...

I think the filter you are thinking of is posterize. Thank-you for sending me to Butler and Bagman - am enjoying time spent there! And people are really nice - now I need to shoot some houses!

Patty said...

Si, thanks for visiting from Exmore. That is Exmore, VA. for all your out-of-towners, about a 45 minute drive from Crisfield.

You will enjoy The Cove, but be sure and come back and try our other restaurants.

Later on, I will highlight all the restaurants, along with their menus. That way, you can do some advanced "eye-work" on the menus, and know what you want when you sit down. That will give you more time to wander around the town.

Patty said...

The Pink House House: That is a nice compliment coming all the way from Germany.

Next time you visit, give us a call, and we will show you around town.

Patty said...

J9: Isn't Butler and Bagman a hoot? He has me rolling on the floor. He used to write for the AP, so he knows how to play those words like a musician plays a fine instrument.

I can write when I have to, and not make any mistakes, but it takes me a few weeks to write a good story. Even when I get a story polished up and ready for the editor, it can't compare to B&B's.

When blogging, I just rush through my posts so I can get to the eye-candy. No grades on my writing here, though I know is makes some writers grind their teeth!

My writing: WalMart.

Butler and Bagman's writing: Neiman Marcus.

You and Barry are great writers, too. We have a lot of super writers on this blog.

Oh, the filter was film grain.

GingerV said...

oh homesickness! I love the two houses framed with a picket fence. to me this is home - don't know why I don't think I ever lived in a house with a picket fence.
I was a day late with my 'houses' stomach flu am okay today. poor Camillo he had to bring me tea.

Si's blog said...

And a "y'all" correction. Just plain ol' y'all is singular. You should have used "all y'all" which is plural.

Patty said...

Oh, Si. I'll bet my little ole self drives you just crazy with my grammar skills. My brain is always way ahead of my hands when I am typing, hence my I do make them, don't I?

I guess I got used to having copy editors make all my corrections for me when I used to write. Ah, life is so much easier with a copy editor in your pocket.

Thank y'all for that little reminder.

Patty said...

GingerV: Thanks for a tour of Brazil. It warms our bones to see those nice sunny photos.