Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Baaack!

Well, I am back from celebrating my birthday at our son's house in Bel Air. I will catch up with all of you in the next two days.

I know this is a Crisfield blog, but I thought I would add a few non-Crisfield photos from my little road trip. Be sure and click on photos to enlarge. Best viewed at 1280x1024 or higher.

I saw this father and daughter walking along the railroad tracks in Princess Anne. I love to see people walking on railroad tracks, especially when the light is right.

No road trip could be complete without seeing old motel signs and reminiscing about the old days. I saw this while passing through Seaford, and liked it so much I did a little mini-essay for you.

Ah, the good old days.

On the way home, we stopped to visit our chicken friends, and pick up some eggs.

We have been vegetarians for almost 30 years, and for almost that long we have been seeking out someone who had free roaming chickens, with the stipulation that they did not eat their chickens.

About two months ago, we found a wonderful couple who keep a few chickens as pets. We grilled them (no pun intended) for about twenty minutes, and satisfied that their chickens were indeed pets that had names, we went away with two dozen brown eggs. I teased them that I knew the faces of each chicken and the rooster, and expected to see the same faces each time we returned for our booty.

This is the nice little house our chickens live in. There are also two ducks, also pets, so we have been enjoying duck eggs as well. You can see the ducks in the the back by the fence, on the left side.


Road trip over, I arrived home to find a package from my new blogger friend in China. I had my husband carefully unwrap the package, taking pictures of the beautiful paper.

Two weeks ago I received some wonderful jam from Reggie Girl, another blogger friend I met shortly after starting up my blog.

Isn't it nice that people from all over the world can come together and share ideas and gifts through the Internet?

Speaking of ideas, this Friday is "My Town Shoot Out" day. We featured churches last week. This Friday, it is the people who make our towns a wonderful place to live.

It is nice to be back in Crisfield. No hassles, no traffic, and we can still see the stars at night!


Reggie Girl said...

I'm ready for the people "Shoot-Out". I hope that you had a wonderful birthday celebration with the son-kiddo. Somehow I know that you did :)
Would you ask Huey if he could paint me a little tiny (like 4x6) picture of the white dog? I would be honored to place it in my kitchen by my sink. I look out that window often at my garden and could think of you both and the things that we discussed in our e-mails.
Ask him to think about it........I'll gladly pay. We ate the heck outta that figs jam and the honey, honey!! Awesome.....
When's our "Virtual Tea Party". I love the Loida :)
I'm ready for the tea party and for the shoot-out.............
Take good care Patty and tel Huey that Prince and I said hello and please come to Georgia for a rainly night and keep it on your mind. You've got a place to stay,,,, juleps and good food.........
You're a Gerogia gal..........please come home for a lil visit????????

Steady On
Reggie Girl


Fun! A package from China!
It's good to have you back by the way :)

Patty said...

Reggie Girl: Yep I had a great time.

Tea party? Let's pick a day, make some tea, hand our cameras to our hubbies, and have them snap a shot.

I am not up to cleaning up all the dust bunnies right now, so my tea party will consists of me and my cats. You can buy that tiny table for your doggies.

I think I will wear my overalls. Heehe.

I will talk to my hubby and see what he can do. He is busy getting some things ready for a June "Empty Chair" exhibit in Texas.

Georgia Girl?! I am a Crisfield girl now, and loving it.

I can still drink my fair share of mint juleps. They go pretty good with crabs, too.

Patty said...

Casedilla: Thanks. It is good to be back. I did not realize that blogging was such hard work. When you go away for a few days, you have to play catch up.

Yes. The package was very nice. Just thinking that someone an ocean away that I have never met would send me a little gift was touching.

What if everyone in the world gave one person a small gift? I think we could change the world.

J9 said...

Patty, I like the photo of the father and daughter, but unless you enlarge it, you miss that he's a phoographer too! And the vines on the motel sign kind of look like wuysteria - would love to see it in full bloom! Gald you found your egg supplier - I've been veg for 15 years, vegan for the first 6, and lacto ovo since then.

Loida said...

Welcome back!! Not much noise when you're away.. I love when you and Reggie Girl competing for the best spot.. Hehe..

"Newman Girl vs Crisfield Girl" is such fun!

The package must include the supposed Chinese teas I had promised but security check blocked the way.. So we got to deal with coffee and errr, brandy instead as Reggie Girl suggested.. Cooler than cool.. ;)

The Pink Bird House said...

Patty, I just loved the pictures of the chickens, and the story about them. I wish you could come on over here to my house, we have 3 chickens, well one rooster named Peaches (so, we thought he was a girl when he first hatched!!), and his two lady friends Beanie and Paris. We get fresh eggs from the ladies most mornings, and yummy, those eggs are so good! The chickens are house pets of my daughters, come into the house once in a while, roam our property free and easy, and they love to be held and petted, and love to fall asleep in your arms with all the warmth and cuddling they get. What spoiled little chickens they are. Peaches will be 9 years old this spring, and he is walking a bit slower, but still keeps up with those "spring chickens" of his! Beanie is an Italian fancy breed, a bit of a snob around him, but Paris adores him and won't leave his side. I have to get some pics of them and post about our little menagerie here!!

Barry said...

I especially liked the closeup photo of the motel sign with the vines creeping all over it. A little spooky, but also a reminder than nature reclaims her own.

The package from China, tantalizingly unwrapped for us was great fun.

Patty said...

J9: Glad you clicked on the rr track photo to enlarge.I thought that was a nice touch.

Another vegetarian? Welcome aboard!

Loida: Crisfield vs Newnan? That is not a contest. That is a slaughter. Crisfield #1!
Thanks again for the gift.

Pink Bird House. What a darling story about the chickens. I would love to see some photos.

I had actually taken some photos the last time I was there. I took my time with the lighting and composure. I had a ton of other "work" photos on the camera, and when I had finished uploading to the paper and filing them, I accidentally deleted the chicks. So these photos were more snapshots that well thought our chick shots.


Glad you like the up-close and personal photo of the sign.

It was fun opening the package. I let my husband do it because I would have torn the pretty paper to shreds!

HalfCrazy said...

Hi there!

I especially love the the father and daughter walking on the railroad tracks. Seems like they didn't mind!

When you said "My Town Shoot Out", I thought it was an event involving rifles LOL.

Well you have a great day, Sir!

Patty said...

Thanks for dropping in all the way from the Philippines!

Glad you liked the father/daughter photo.

No rifles involved - just cameras. Hope you can join us.

Jess said...

gotta love a good railroad photo! I'll try my best to get into this week's shoot out haha! Oh and by the way, HOW on EARTH did you get your photos to enlarge like that?! it frustrated me so much when I put up pictures of my short stories and I couldn't get them to enlarge when I clicked on them :( do you have to have text in between them or something? because I was just putting them one after another and it wouldn't work haha.
anyhoo, great photos, as usual :) and thanks for your kind comment :):)

Noelle said...

Glad you are back! I like all of the usual! You do amazing work. I haven't bought my camera yet...still thinking about it...I will get one, just maybe not til next month. I hope all is well with you!

Michelle said...

What...there are stars in the sky?? Happy Birthday. :)

Oz Girl said...

I love the pic of the father & daughter on the railroad tracks, has a warm feeling to it. Thx for your comments on my blog... can't wait to get back home, travelling makes it a bit harder to stay on top of all things blog related. :) Hope to jump into a shoot-out sometime soon!

Patty said...

Noelle: Where you been, girl?

Michelle: Yes. We have real stars in our sky in Crisfield. Where else would they want to shine?

Patty said...

Oz Girl: Happy trails. Hurry home. We look forward to you joining our town shoot-out.