Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ready for Spring - and Summer!

Looks like spring has finally arrived in Crisfield, so I thought, after yesterday's shoot out, I would post some happy photos.

BTW: Everyone did a great job with their cemetery photos. If you are not a participant of our weekly shoot outs (if we still have any after Butler and Bagman get us all killed searching for lions and tigers next week - inside joke for participants), we hope we will have more people join us in our town shoot outs. It is a great way to go round the world with the click of a mouse and see what other towns and cities across the globe have to offer. Of course, in Crisfield, we think we are #1!

So here are some random shots to make you smile:

Our daffodils are finally blooming. I took these in front of our post office yesterday

Here is our post office

Here is the nice guy who did not run over me while I was taking the picture of the post office. Try to stand in front of your post office and see how many honks or mean looks you get. I didn't even see him until I turned around to go back to my car. He was just sitting there patiently, not even wanting to ride in front of the camera and mess up my photo. How great is that?

This may seem like work to you but to Mr. Sterling, who has been raking the pine needles from the same yard for about 40 years, says it is something he looks forward to. I told you the people of Crisfield are hardworking people. It's in their blood.

This is the time of year that everyone in Crisfield begins the rites of spring by raking pine needles and leaves, and planting their flower and vegetable gardens.

Nothing says spring like driving around and seeing all the crabbing gear coming out of storage. Crab season opens in Maryland on April 1. The crabbers are cleaning boats, readying gear, and preparing for a new season. If crabs be ye thing, matey, bring ye boat, car, or plane to Crisfield for some good grub. Argghh!

Moving on to summer, here are some photos to get your mind in vacation mode. While you are planning that much needed vacation, check out our Chamber site on the side bar, or visit our events site for upcoming events.

Crisfield is a great place to live and play!

And remember, no will run over you if you stand in the middle of the street to take a picture, and if someone honks they will be waving, "Howdy."

I was going to close with that, but let me tell you a quick story. I took a feature shot for my newspaper the other day (I can't post features here)and the woman who was in the photo was from Woodstock, NY. She had never been to Crisfield before.

She had come down here to place 3 abandoned chickens and a rooster with a good home. She was waiting on the mail boat to take her to Smith Island. She had some time to spare and got to meet a few people, or they got to meet her. She said she had never seen so many friendly people in one place. That sums up Crisfield pretty well.


Noelle said...

lovely photos, I love thos daffoldils. :)

Anonymous said...

Think maybe I will move to Crisfeld.... I have lived in NE Pa. all my life so far & I know the town intimately. My family helped establish it & from the 1940's to now my family owned a lot of the businesses & real estate. Well, I am here to tell you this little "burg" has what is commonly known as a "New England Attitude". What is that?? Nasty, haughty & noses in the air. I hate to say this about the town I grew up in & used to love... I would NEVER reccommend it to anyone. Isn't that sad?!?!?!? :(
So if it is O.K. Patty, I will adopt your town of Crisfield....Besides I L-O-V-E Crab!!

ancient one said...

Such a pretty place. Loved all your photos especially the Native American!

Patty said...

Noelle. Thanks. They are pretty. How you doing down south? I have been peeking in reading your poetry. I was going to post yesterday, and the phone rang. Now I am on my way to shoot two night assignments.

Marilyn: Come on down. It is a great town. We aren't Mayberry, but what town is?

I can tell you that after three years of living here, it is a little slice of heaven. And if you ever need a reminder, you can just get in your car and drive to the bay or go to Gordon's and chat.

Like Rick (I featured Rick in an earlier post) said, "Crisfield is the last gem on the Chesapeake."

Ancient One: Glad you like the Native American dancers. We have a group of Native Americans up the road who have secured a beautiful plot of land, and they are building round and long houses. They have a POW WOW there now every year. I can't wait until they get some more things going there. The one dancing in this photo comes to a lot of local events.

Kathy in CA said...

Love the crabbing photos. Sadly, the crab season here in the SF Bay Area for our famous Dungeness crabs was pretty much cancelled, so many of the families of the fisherman are having a rough time. Many people here (my family included) have crab for Christmas dinner so we had to find other alternatives last December.

Thanks for sharing!

Papa and Mema said...

Hello, I just wanted you to know that my new blog "Friday Shootouts From Florida" has been updated. Hopefully, by next week I will understand more about the group.
Your pictures and post are great! Thanks, GordonH
Check out my other blog, "Forever Fishing Friends". I just didn't think Friday Shootouts would be appropriate on there.

HalfCrazy said...

Wow, the daffodils are so amazing! Pity I can't see that in here!

Looks like another source of income for Spring for the watermen!

If that woman enjoys Crisfield, all of us would enjoy it there too! If she's going to Smith Island, maybe you guys didn't fail to suggest the Smith Island Cake! See, I get to know the Smith Island Cake because you talk about it so often! :)

Barry said...

The Crisfield Chamber of Commerce need to put you on a retainer, Patty. What a great ambassador you are!

In West Hill if you stand in the road to take a photo you will get run over. We are all so busy here rushing to get someplace else and back again!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Pretty daffodils. I'm loving the signs of Spring everywhere!! me a crabcake :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Jess said...

what a cool post, I'm really starting to love your town just by how fondly you speak of it!
and congrats, btw, I saw that Jen nominated or awarded your blog, rightfully so!! There's always something cool to read about here :)

Patty said...

Kathy: We could not imagine Crisfield without our crabbing industry.

It is sad that waterman are being pushed or regulated out of business.

I know how much water towns value their waterman. Around here, our heroes are our EMS and firemen, our law officials, and our waterman.

I hope your table is full of crabs come next Christmas.

Patty said...

Thanks Reggie Girl. There will always be a hot crab cake in Crisfield for you and Prince anytime you are up this way.

Patty said...

Barry. That is just too funny. Where do I send your $5 to for that pitch?

I just consider this doing my part as a good citizen for the town. Some people volunteer to help out with town events, and since I can't, because I am always shooting the events for the paper, this is my way of giving back.

Photographers are always taking photos, and instead of filing them all away, I thought it would be nice to share them on a blog. And instead of just slapping on photos, I thought I would tie them to the town.

Be careful crossing the streets up there.

Missy said...

Nice daffodils and ferris wheel shots. It looks like Crisfield is indeed a nice place to visit, is there a US military base near you? hahaha We've never been stationed to east coast yet and I hope our next tour will be somewhere in your place :-)

Patty said...

Jess. Thanks for the post. I try to keep things interesting here. Thanks for heads up on my award. That is neat.

Yes. This is a great place to live if you like the quiet life, and we do!

Patty said...

Missy: Crisfield is not a nice place to live. It is a "great" place to live. The more I ride around taking photos for the blog, I realize how really special the town is.

Military bases: If you husband is in the Coast Guard, we have a base just a skip and a jump from our house. But since you are stationed in Japan, I am thinking Army. No Army bases near here. If your husband is in the Navy, the famed Annapolis base is about 2 1/2 hours away.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

hey! we just toured Crisfield without having left our desk! now, how cool izzat? :-)

Joanne said...

You're a few weeks ahead of us here in New England flower-wise! Thanks for the reminder of what's on its way.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Patty,
Yeheyyy I can post a comment now...! But I guess only when I'm here in my office..Not when I'm at home.. :(

I'd been longing to comment on many of your posts.

The daffodils are such warming to the eyes in my favourite yellow color..

Your Post Office is really cool as well as your Post Man while here is kind of bad.. hehe

When I look at your photo shoots, it seems like you're bringing me to a movie set.

Patty said...

Loida: Sorry you are having so much trouble logging on in China. Glad you are back online? Bet you can't wait for the big moving day. You will love Ontario.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Well.......thank goodness B&B has now quantified his subject to animals and wildlife that we see in our backyards!! (Hmmmm can't wait to see what kinc of crouching tiger's are lurking in his can you?).
Since it's wild animal's.....I'll be posting a snap of Prince :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Patty said...

Wildlife? OK. Since there are no rules and B&B will probably surprise us with something "outside" of his backyard - even his state, I will improvise.

Who gets to pick the next assignment? I need a head start since I have have not looked for any wild animals.

Irina said...

Spring in your city looks amazingly pretty. I loved the daffodils photos exceedingly.

And thanks for inviting me to "My Town" shoot outs. No sure, though, if I can manage regular participation but I will try, at least.
On the other hand, you might be interested in city daily photo community (if not yet).

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! You make me want to pick and move to Crisfield. :) I keep telling my husband all about your posts.

Oh, I didn't mean to jump the gun on this week's shoot out - I thought he meant really wild animals, like, deer or something. LOL! Ok, I will get more than squirrels. :) You know - birds, maybe.

Oz Girl said...

Lovely photos -- our daffodils have bloomed and are on their way out, but we have some tulips that I'm hopeful will bloom still, even after our wicked ice storm!

Whew, that is one big pile of pine needles, quite amazing, and obviously an endeavor filled with love!

Crisfield sounds like such a marvelous and warm lil town. I would love to visit someday! :)

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Gee, I dunno girl.....who's been with us the longest besides B&B and Barry? Maybe we should just pick some random name that participates out of a hat???
Yeah, I know......he'll probably have a Siberian Tiger in his backyard, lol....well whatever. No rules are no rules.
Anybody called Ellen yet?

Butler and Bagman said...

It would be a Tigress, not a Tiger. One big pussycat. Butler made me add the word cat. And although I'll be gone next week, I've discovered the scheduling function on Blogger!! I can post things even if I'm not at a computer. I'm currently working on 2010! I'm so totally hooked!!!!

nessabates said...

What fun photos!! I am just loving the daffodils!!