Thursday, March 19, 2009

"My Town" Shoot Out Home Tour

“There is a magic in that little world, home; it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits” - Robert Southey

It is "My Town" shoot day, where both professional and amateur photographers show off the best of their towns. This Friday, Reggie Girl picked our assignment. Next week, Barry, has chosen graveyards. If you are new to our blogs, and want to join us next week, start shootin!

Beside Barry and Reggie Girl, please take a tour of all the participant's home towns. It is a fun way to get out of town without spending a dime! As everyone posts their towns, I will add links. So far, I know the following bloggers will be participating. Keep checking their sites, as some may post early and some late, but we try to get them in early. And don't forget time zones!

Reggie Girl in Georgia

Barry in Ontario.

Mark in South Carolina.

Loida in China

Jen in Michigan

HalfCrazy in the Phillipines

Missy is Japan

You wouldn't know it from this post but Crisfield is pretty run down with boarded up buildings, due to poor management and lack of culture. I picked the best of the best and the worst. 

A note on the above house. Click on photo and look at the house in the distance. We were talking about the book "Jacob Have I Loved", a book about life on the Chesapeake Bay, set in the 1940's. It was made into a PBS special in 1988, and the house in the distance was used in the filming. It has changed a lot and is hard to get to, but I thought it worth mentioning. Read the book. Rent the movie to see our beautiful bay.


I included these next two houses because they are so cool, and if not renovated soon, they will be gone forever. They have a million dollar view of the bay. Oh, if they could only talk! The stories they could tell. They are so romantic.

Update on this house: It is gone. A lot of people have left Crisfield and many are trying to get out due to lack of jobs, growth, and rising sea levels. One person summed up Crisfield this way:

Note: J9 in California had a good excuse, for not joining us, and she did give us a cute bird house. At least the intent was there. See you next week in the graveyards, J9.


Jen said...

Wow. I love the houses of your town...they are sooo beautiful, with so much character.

I will participate too, I will go shooting tomorrow. :) And count me in for the graveyard one, I stopped by a graveyard again today and took some photos.

What a cool idea, these shoot outs, and thanks again for inviting me to participate. I am excited to go shooting tomorrow. :)

Joanne said...

What a beautiful study in the homes of Crisfield. I find it interesting that many of the homes and their architectural features are similar to the homes here in New England. I'd feel right at "home" there!

Oz Girl said...

Ok, let's see. I love house #5, it looks like it's from the English countryside. Beautiful. Such diversity of homes in your town. And the last two? I'm afraid that's what most of the homes around me might look like... haha, well, not all of them. I may try to jump in on this one, get some shots tomorrow. A late post perhaps...

Oz Girl said...

One question... did anyone come out of their house and ask why you were taking a photo of their house??!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Oh my God Patty, such wonderful houses you got there.. Please bring me to Crisfield!!!!

It's like living in a post card. The interiors are so homey, what more in the inside? I am so glad that you, Reggie Girl and Barry has initiated this. This is so cool, seeing those houses in your areas really cultivate and nurture our appreciation of the arts, cultures, skills and a lot, lot more..

and the best is nourishing our friendship by sharing, right my friend..?

happy weekend y'all..

hehehe, i don't know how would this sound if i say "y'all" in person.. glad i'm just writing it.. ;)

HalfCrazy said...

These are some really great shots! I'll be posting mine later, it's already Friday noon in here LOL.

Hmm, I read a lot of books about the American Civil War which always takes place on the South so those names, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, etc. are familiar to me!

I especially love that house with a countryside style thing going on with those red stuff and chimneys! So cute! One of the first photos.

Beautiful, I'm loving Crisfield more.

HalfCrazy said...

By the way, I already got mine posted! :)

Butler and Bagman said...

I am also partial to old houses. What a variety here...and I realize as I post mine that I've neglected the "my hometown" aspect of the assignment and just posted a batch of different times and places...ah well, I'll get it soon. I also liked the huge chimney with the house attached to it.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful Homes!! I love the thatch roofed one & a home on the bay!! (Not the dilapidated ones. I don't have enough ambitions to do a fixer!)
Thanks for the tour!!

Barry said...

What a rich variety of architectural styles. I love the house of pillars. You'd never see anything like that here.

But my favorite photos, as photos, are the two run down buildings at the end. I wouldn't want to live in either, but the character and history just shine through.

Elaine Dale said...

I found your blog via Barry's "Explorer's View". Marvellous houses and a wonderful blog - I'm now a follower. Have a great weekend.

willow said...

What a delightful photo shoot! I especially like that you included the old abandoned houses. For some reason I am always drawn to those and wonder at the lost histories.

Patty said...

Jen: When you post I will add you to our list. Thanks for joining in.

Joanne: Come on down. I like the mix, too.

Oz Girl: We look forward to having you. No. No one came after me. LOL. I am not sure if everyone knew exactly what I was doing, but in this small town everyone is kinda of used to me taking photographs of everything.

Loida: Yep. It is super nice way to share our cultures. I think we all look forward to Fridays as our virtual little travel day. Blogging can be time consuming, but I look forward to Fridays when I can make these little virtual trips and visit everyone. And I don't even have to get dressed up!

HalfCrazy: I will add you to the list. Welcome to all our towns. I, too like that little cottage house. We ride by the house all the time, but we have never met the people who live there. Next time I see them outside, I am going to stop and tell them how much I like their house. It looks like someone plucked it from a fairy tale and set it down in Crisfield.

Butler and Bagman: I am on my way to visit your town in just a few minutes. I am sure you did a great job on your first assignment. We don't have any rules - that is what makes it fun. I like the way you described the little cottage house.

Marilyn: I guess the winner so far is the fairy tale house. Several of the homes are on the bay. You just can't see it. All of the homes are about two minutes from from the bay.
I don't know if I agree on the last two houses or not. You should see the bay behind them when the sun is setting. The aren't for sale, but if I had a million dollars, I think I would buy one and save it. Or just knock it down and put a lawn chair on the spot.

Barry: Ah, the pillar house. That house faces the bay. It is a nice house. And what a view the owners have. On the older houses: one day, I am going to get the history on those house and post then again. I just love them.

Elaine Dale: Welcome to Crisfield, Elaine. We love visitors.

Willow: Thanks. I am going to get busy on their histories. The house with the reeds in front is on a dead end road, way off by itself on a lot of land. It is elevated a little and the view surrounds the house. I found it when I was riding my bike one day. The light was so beautiful, it just took my breath away. The other house is in a curved road, down the road from our house. It backs up to the bay, and though I have never been on the top floor, I can imagine that the view would also take my breath away.I am going to study up on those houses. If anyone can find the book "The History of Crisfield" on Ebay, buy it. It is good reading. The books can be pretty expensive, but I was able to get one on Ebay for around $40.00. Well worth it.

The Pink Bird House said...

WOW, I am so blown over by the beauty of those homes. Well I just have to say that the one with the reed-looking roof is my allllll time favorite!! I would love to live in a house like that. It has such style, as if the building was just not afraid to be it self and be unique!! I am in love. I don't think we have any homes here in this area as gorgous as what you have been able to show us today. but when i am up and about, I will see what I can come up with here.

By the way Patty, you are right about the suit of armor at the Jehay Castle, the knight must have been a real hunk! Usually armor is so heavy and clunky looking but this suit looked elegant some how. Maybe if I post enough of the wonders of over here, I can entice you and Reggie girl to come on over for visit. :-) You sure got me wanting to come on over to Crisfield and see all the sights that you have been sharing with us. OH I do love MD!!

Maggie May said...

How cool- the Jacob Have I Loved house :) I am glad you put that up. I especially love the last house. It has a thousand secrets.

Jessica said...

These homes are all so beautiful! I have to admit though that I am drawn to the last two old houses. There's something that just draws me in to old houses.

Oz Girl said...

Well I'm afraid I didn't get to take my house photos today... my car title reared its ugly head today; I thought it was all taken care of when I moved to Kansas from Ohio last summer, but apparently it was not, so I spent way too much time at the courthouse and on the phone today... bureaucratic red tape, ya gotta love it sometimes!

Missy said...

I like your houses around your town, I envy you :-) and I like the first photo, nice composition

By the way I joined you this week's "houses photo shoot out." Although I'm a bit late :-) is it ok???

HalfCrazy said...

Cool, hope you get a chance to talk with them someday. It would be way cool! You didn't get a photo of your house up? :P Ah well, I didn't posted my house either LOL.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

You have really beautiful homes in Criswell. It kind of reminds me of Newnan. Small town, kind people, everyone knows everyone.
Isn't that just the best life Patty girl??
Hope your weekend is filled with much love, joy and laughter and.........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

J9 said...

I'm seriously bummed that I did not get out to shoot houses this week. I will have graveyard photos next week though!

The houses in your town are beautiful and charming, and I love the run down ones!

Si's blog said...

As I said to Reggie, you all have a lot more homes in Crisfield that there are in Exmore. But some of them could fit in here just fine. Very nice photo essay.

Patty said...

Si, now Exmore has some fine houses, too, Exmore style.

I really do love some of the old houses around your area. And Exmore is great for teeking.

Noelle said...

beautiful shots and homes....

Sarah-Paige said...

Great pictures !!! My favorite were the last two, I am fascinated by houses on their last legs :) A couple of pretty unique homes in that batch too...thanks for the tour

Si's blog said...

It is Sunday and not Friday, I know, I know. And my pictures are woefully lacking. But this is such a neat string of blogs that I wanted to participate, at least this much, until I can get a working camera and do it better.

Put Exmore on my post today. Please include it on your list. Thanks millions.

Patty said...

J9: At least you made an effort! Thanks. You said a lot with one photo.

Noelle: Thanks. Good to have you back.

Sarah-Paige: Old houses have a lot say.

Si: What a super tour. Love the water photos. Wish we had a train station here. As you know, the RR pulled out years ago. Not even a track left.

Patty said...

I would like to welcome Si to our weekly town shoot-out. Check out his blog for some more Eastern Shore hospitality.