Monday, March 2, 2009

It's a's a's a crab pot in the snow.

OK. So, I can't post my snow photos on my personal blog like Reggie Girl did, so I had to post this stupid crab pot in my yard - just so I had at least one photo.

To see my snow photos, visit the Daily Times web site-see side bar. Look for the Photo Galleries link and click on More Photo Galleries, and look for Somerset County. That's us.

Also, check out the other snow photos from our other photographers. While you are there, take time to read the news from around the area. You can bookmark the paper's site so you can make virtual trips to our area, read the news, and enjoy some great photos.

Where, oh where, is spring?


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

And a be-yoot of a crab pot she is!!
Hey, don't you make fun of my little bit of snow missy. To be honest, I don't miss all of that snow. I miss the crab and I miss the diner's but I don't miss all of that snow for one stinking minute. (p.s. I can't drive in the snow......Prince won't allow me on the roads. He says the world in not ready for Reggie Girl trying to drive on the motorway in the snow and ice. Bummer....).

Take good care, say hi to Mr. Huey for Prince and me please and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Patty said...

When crab season starts I will be sure and send you a picture of us eating crabs on the porch.

I can drive in the snow, but I didn't last night.

I had my cameras by the door, waiting for the snow, but it arrived late. I got up around midnight and peeked out the window and saw that we had a blizzard happening. It looked pretty bad, so I got my husband up and shuttled him out the door to act as my driver.

Of course, the only sign of life was the snow plow. We followed him around town for awhile. He must have thought we were loony.

I went out because I was afraid it would not be snowing the next morning. Boy, was I wrong! So off, I went again as soon as I got up.

2L3Bs World said...

You two are really funny..

I'd been to the Daily Times site, I guess the kid is really enjoying the snow..

Patty said...

2L3B: I think everyone enjoyed the snow around here. I don't think we have had a combined total of more than an inch of snow all year, so it was kind of nice, especially for the kids.

You can add about ten inches more to that and see what your days in Ontario will be like.

Boy, that hot tea sounds good now.

The Pink Bird House said...

Patty, it really is a lovely pic of a snow covered crab pot. Hey, at least you have something to post, which is more then I can say for myself of late. It is all in the pictures my dear, all in the pictures. :-) have a great day, Debby

Michelle said...

Ok, you know I have never understood why they call a cage a pot? :)

Patty said...

Pink Bird House: You can photograph your feet in fuzzy slippers, and things around your room; fun stuff like that.

Hope you are getting better!

Patty said...

Michelle: When we first moved to Crisfield, I thought it strange, too. A pot was what you cooked them in. A cage? I guess because it is made with wire and looks more like a cage.

Looking forward to seeing your church photos on Friday.

For those of you who don't know or remember, Reggie Girl and I are showcasing churches around our towns on Friday. We have some more people who want to join in, so we can make this a weekly photo task. We post on Fridays.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Patty, I really do miss the crabs!! I mean, not the itchy kind but the eating kind. I think that would be rubbing it in a bit if you posted a pic of you and Huey eating crabs on your back porch...........unless it was a picture of you guys and Prince and me eating with you. A nice bottle of wine.....a little B.B. King and voila.....sounds like a little dinner party to me.
Whatcha doin later this summer? Prince getls lots of vacation. Lots.......(and I'm soooo not kidding).

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Patty said...

Well, Pardner, I ain't doin' all that much, 'cept a little shootin.

Seriously, we would love to have you and Prince for a week...I mean a day.

Seriously, seriously, you are welcome anytime, and for as long as you like. Check our Chamber of Commerce link on the sidebar for the big events. Those boat docking contest are a hoot.

You bring the wine, and we'll go chicken-necking. Does anyone except Reggie Girl know what chicken-necking is?

B.B. King sounds good, too!