Sunday, March 15, 2009


"Home" - E.T.

"My home is not a place, it is people." - Lois McMaster Bujold

That's "Crisfield" on the road sign. You can click on photo to enlarge


Butler and Bagman said...

I've often wondered whether is was more dangerous to drive while talking on a cellphone or taking pictures.

HalfCrazy said...

Saw your reply. So much thanks for the invite, Miss Patty. I'll try to produce the photos for Friday. :) Oprah? What about her? Whoa, that is cool. What are you guys planning to tell her? About this whole shootout thing? That IS cool! Really great idea! :D Will start taking photos. :)

- - -

I have to agree with Miss Lois McMaster Bujold! The people is one of the factors why people call their houses 'home'.

The Pink Bird House said...

Amen to that statement!! Having lived so far from my home for so many years, I can attest to the fact that one does not miss a place so much, as that one misses people! Home is where family is!

Anonymous said...

My Home....
Montrose, Pennsylvania...
Don't blink or you'll miss it...
But it is mine!! :) :)

Ken in Pennsylvania said...

That spot is where I know that I almost in Crisfield. I know it is one more turn and its about 10 minutes of super straight highway to get to my destination. I have been visiting Crisfield for over 25 years and we love it there. Usually visit twice a year. Great restaurants, not many but there are some good ones.

Patty said...

Marilyn: We hope to see some of Montrose's houses on Friday.

Ain't small towns swell?

Patty said...

PBH: We left a lot of friends back in Georgia when we retired to Maryland - a lifetime of friends! But when we retired (am I retired? It does not feel like it), we had planned on traveling in a motor home, and doing our down-time at our son's house. He lives 3 hours from Crisfield. Before, it was a 12 drive to see him, and we usually saw each other twice a year.

I was ready for the gypsy life (well, I had spent most of my career in photojournalism on the road and out of the country, so I was already a gypsy).

So we sold our big house on the river, bought a huge motor home, loaded the cats into it, and took off to our son's house where we were dropping off the last of our things for storage in his basement. Then we were off to Arizona.

Once we got to our son's house, that was it with my husband and the motor home. I could not drive the thing; and he hated it.

I used to laugh at people who drive those big rental motor homes with the fancy writing along the side enticing people to "Rent me."

So, we sold the motor home, lost about ten grand in the deal, and stayed with our son while we found a new home.

We decided we wanted to live near our son, but to live well in Bel Air, you had to be rich. The taxes alone are enough to break you.

We had a friend in Princess Anne and a friend in Pocomoke (which are both nice towns about 30 minutes from Crisfield), so they lured us down their way.

After looking at many houses, we were about to head back to Georgia, and then our friends in Pocomoke took us to Crisfield.

Having lived on or near the water for the past 25 years, we fell in love with the beauty of Crisfield.

It was a small town, we could walk to the bay, and the the real estate prices were almost too good to be true.

So we bought a small house, did some restoration, making ourselves a studio in the attic, and here we are three years later, still loving all the beauty this town has to offer.

I think what I was getting at in my original post, is that anywhere you have friends is home, so I guess we still have two homes: Crisfield and Georgia.

We feel blessed to have had friends who showed us this little gem of a town, and being so close to family makes it even all the better.

Now, we see our son at least once a month. Coming home to Crisfield sure is nice after fighting all that Bel Air traffic.


Patty said...

Butler and Bagman: When I saw that post awaiting comment, I knew it was you. Or was it the other you?

Actually, I was driving, talking on the cell, and taking a photo.

Michelle said...

Yeah! It is always fun coming home.

willow said...

Our green exit sign is always a joy to see after being away from home! Nice pic!

Patty said...

Willow and Michelle: Thanks! Those "I'm almost home" signs are always nice to see, even if you are just returning from running errands.