Monday, March 23, 2009


I was not going to post anything today, but I was on an assignment and ran into Rick, a friend of mine. Click on photo to see the beautiful painting.

Rick Cauble, a Realtor for Prudential, was sitting in the lobby of Captain's Galley, a waterfront condominium where Prudential has several listings. We chatted for a few minutes, my eyes going back and forth from Rick to the work boat; my mind setting up the shot one moment, then reminding itself there would be no Tuesday posts.

Then Rick said something, "Crisfield is the last gem on the Chesapeake."

That sealed the deal. I went back to my car and got my camera.

If you are thinking about life on the water, give Rick a call. Or any of our other fine Realtors in Crisfield. This is indeed the last gem on the Chesapeake. Grab a piece of it before it is too late.


Since I have Rick in my scopes, here is a photo of him I took last summer. He managed Captain Bud's Tiki Bar. Rick is in the white t-shirt in the rear behind the bar.


Last but not least, here is Rick showing his love for his country at a fireworks display.

And while we were chatting, I found out a little more about Rick:

"What couldn't you live without?"

"Love and friendship."

"What is your most cherished possession?"

"My great grandfather's foot locker from the Spanish American War."

"What is your favorite attire?"

"Shorts and a t-shirt."

"What is your nickname?"


"What is your favorite sport?"


"Where is your favorite haunt?"



Oz Girl said...

What a lovely painting. Rick sounds like a cool guy... and maybe someday, someday, I will visit your area of the east coast. :) Your blog really paints a lovely picture of Crisfield.

HalfCrazy said...

Cool, interesting to know about him and I love those fireworks in one of the photos!

pizzapizza said...

Great Pictures, and great story. I know Rick


Anonymous said...

Hi Patty!
What struck me was the painting or rather the water. The color & the shades of blue are striking!
Nice post about your friend.
Have a great day!

Butler and Bagman said...

I love all three shots...all three so different...I wasn't going to check blogspot today and didn't post (although I;m thinking about the cemetary photoshootout Friday. But there are two or three blogs I had to check. Yours was one.

willow said...

Rick's painting is wonderful! His style has an Alex Colville feel to it.

Patty said...

Butler and Bagman had better join us for our cemetery shoot out. I will sic Reggie Girl on you. Also, you get to pick the April 3, assignment. What is it going to be?

Patty said...

Thanks Marilyn. The colors are beautiful.

Willow: Rick did not paint it, but he sure looks like he belongs in the painting. We all love our bay around here.

Michelle said...

You are an amazing photographer Patty. The firework shot is incredible.

Patty said...

Thanks Marilyn. Always nice to show off the people who make our town such a great place.