Friday, May 4, 2012

Summertime road-side food

Summertime road-side food
I don't eat meat, but for those of you do, don't forget to check out those little  pop-up roadside eateries that say, "Summertime, and the eating is always good." 

I do stop from time to time to see what's "cooking" and I oftentimes come away with fries, hush-puppies, cole-slaw and even fish (yes, fish is a meat, but I draw the line there).

I like these little stands because they are usually operated by a church or a community organization; always good food to be had, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you put a little charity into someone's pocket.

Not exactly "roadside." More inside roadside but they did cook all that BBQ outside.  Fire departments, like this one in Marion always have good food. And at this firehouse, you can practically drive right up to the door and get waited on.

I hit the jackpot here with some great fried fish...

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Jackie said...

Love eating at firehouses when they cook for the community (charity.) You are right about their food...uhmmm uhmmm good!