Saturday, May 19, 2012

Armed Forces Day, 2012

Armed Forces Day, 2012

My husband, a USMC veteran of the Vietnam War, just reminded me that today is Armed Forces Day.  I could have spent a few hours going through all of my files to create a nice little package, but the Defense Department did such a good job, I swiped their poster.

Armed Forces Day was created in 1949 to honor our fighting forces, but it did not become an official holiday until 1962, thanks to President John F. Kennedy. The holiday is recognized on the third Saturday in May.

In times past, parades and other special events were held in honor of our troops in every town and city in the nation. Today, sadly, those traditions have been phased out, scaled back, or forgotten. Kudos to Bremerton, Washington who has celebrated this day in a most patriotic way for 64 years!

Thank you, everyone, for your service to our country!

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