Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cape Charles, VA

Crabby Blues Festival in Cape Charles, VA

Being a newspaper photographer, it is almost a given that your weekends will be tied up covering news and events. For you newbies here, I retired 2 years ago from the newspaper business but kept working events on weekends to promote my area. Needless to say, until I left that position, I had not had a weekend off in over 6 years. Well, maybe one. 

I spent the latter part of last summer, winter, and this 2012 spring exploring other areas. I recently discovered Cape Charles, VA, a sleepy little town on the move that takes me back to a time when things were simpler.

At Watson's Hardware store you can buy just about anything, or if you prefer," sit for a spell."

Little shops offer gems that are sure to entice even the most finicky  shopper, the theater beckons those who love the arts, quiet golf carts putz around, in no particular hurry, and people who look like they should be modeling casual clothes in magazines parade the main street on bikes adorned with Nantucket baskets. And don't forget an appearance or two of classic cars cruising in slo-mo down the boulevard. 

The Cape Charles Coffee shop has 2 floors. They make a perfect soy cappuccino. 

The town is abuzz with "coming back," and I certainly liked what I saw. The docks are new, projects are in full swing, and a new restaurant is being built near the docks. Oh, and I love the Cape Charles Coffee House. Every town should have a coffee house like that. Quaint and friendly and alive with creativity.

If any apartments become available here, someone let me know. I'm interested!

The hardware store is a combination of both old and new. Other than a similar hardware store I saw in Maine 8 years ago, that is the nicest little hardware store I have seen.

There is an alternative to getting around in Cape Charles.

I posted a different version of this photo last week  in my "Oldies but Goodies" post. Two cars: two different states.

We just bought a bike rack for our bikes and the first place we are headed to is Cape Charles.  I may even check out the hardware store and trade my wire basket in for a Nantucket basket. I could live in Cape Charles.

Don't forget the Crabby Blues Festival, this Saturday, May 5, 2012. I plan on being there.

Railroad lovers will enjoy the rail cars.

This is the car that I believe has a private owner. Make me an offer I can't refuse. One price? Time share? Cook? Bottle washer?

I love these candy-colored houses located behind the city.

And of course, strolling the docks is always fun.

My husband captured this "Patty Hancock" photo while he was holding one of my cameras. I have no idea what I was looking at, but I seem to be in awe of something.

However, I think these two say it best. You will have fun in Cape Charles! I will present more photos of Cape Charles, including shops, at a later date.

FYI: there are about 1,400 people living in Cape Charles, VA.

Kudos to the city officials and townspeople for making this such a beautiful area.  Also, I forgot to say they have an awesome museum. I will feature later.


Jackie said... you think we will ever see and feel the 'simpler' days again? Sigh. I certainly hope so. I love the shots you posted relaxing. I understand your love of Cape Charles. Lovely photo of you that your hubby took. He did a great job, too!! :)))

Miriam said...

Patty....what a wonderful blog! As a full time resident of Cape Charles for the last four years I too see what you see. After leaving the rat race of Washington, DC, I am so happy that we moved here. You'll need to return this summer as there are so many things going on each and every weekend. A new hotel has opened, the harbor restaurant, the Shanty, will be open as well as a homemade ice cream shop, brown dog ice cream. We would love to have you visit again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to show us this area. Never been there. I will go sometime this summer.Aiways looking for a change, a new place to discover.