Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rome Colosseum

Want to rent Rome Apartment near Trevi Fountain
Notice the lack of way too many people in this photo? Some people prefer Paris and Rome in the Springtime; I prefer them when the tourists are still making their travel plans.

I'm making my own ad here: Wanted: small apartment in Rome wanted for 2 months when the tourists are away, but not so cold I won't want to go out. Must be near the Fontana di Trevi. I have photos of that somewhere, but if you live there, you already know what it looks like. I fancy an apartment where I can shoot the fountain from my window. Reasonable offers, please, or will pet sit.

Next year, a Paris apartment. If there is one thing I have learned from my travels, you need to stay somewhere long enough to knock the "tourist" out of you. You can't truly appreciate another culture unless you 'become' the culture.


Jackie said...

I want to be your neighbor... :))

GingerV said...

I spent two weeks in Rome in December once. the weather during the day was wonderful, needed a jacket and at times a scarf around my neck but never really uncomfortable. search for weekly rentals in Transtevere or the Vaticano. both within walking distance to the fountain. I actually walked from the vatican to the train station with lunch in the middle. no real problem with that. the rates are half as much in January than in December but you have the place to yourself and may need just a little warmer cloths.... layers work. We will be in Alba in the first week of October for the tartuffe festival. then will take the train to Milan and points south over the next 20 days. There is always tourist in Rome, just a matter of more or less.
good luck on your plans.