Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day, 2012

May Day 

Since I don't have any available photos of baskets of flowers (meaning, I am not wading through files),  I will "May Day" you with this photo of wildflowers.

Today, of course, is May Day. Many cities celebrated May Day this weekend with both old and new traditions.  If you happen to be in Annapolis on May Day, take notice of all the extra-beautiful floral arrangements in the form of wreaths and baskets on home porches, doors, and in businesses. Each year, the Garden Club of Annapolis splashes the town with all the colors of spring. I had plans to take my cameras this year but I got tied up with another project. The Garden Club has several events going on today in conjunction with the May Fair:

Tour May Baskets begins at 9 a.m. Maps available for locations.

Boutique: 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Artisans selling wares at the Skipjack - 1st deck.

Lunch Buffet at Annapolis Yacht Club: 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.  - $35, wine tickets are cash only. Please note that this may be booked due to reservation status, but you can always plan for next year.

May Day comes from a Celtic tradition and has a long and varied history, so long, I have no time to go into all the origins, changes or customs.

If you still want to celebrate May Day, you can use one of the old American traditions of making a small basket of flowers (add some treats if you like; perhaps a Cartier diamond bracelet) and leave it at someone's doorstep. Ring the bell and run away. If you get caught, the receiver of the lucky basket rewards you with a kiss. Naturally, you would want to run slowly.

I remember my school celebrating May Day by turning the flagpole into a Maypole. We would attach a rainbow of ribbons to the pole, grab one, and dance around the Maypole to music, covering the cold gray metal with an abundance of color.  It was, we were told, a symbol of unity.

Happy May Day!

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