Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1800's Festival in Fairmount, 2012

 1800's Festival in Fairmount, 2012
Miss the festival? There is always next year. They have the best strawberry shortcake. 

Festival is held the first Saturday before Memorial Day. Proceeds go towards the upkeep of the historic Fairmount Academy.

Fried oysters are a favorite, as are the boardwalk-style fries:

Something for everyone in the way of food...

soft shell crab sandwiches are always a hit.

Antique cars are usually on hand, and make a perfect addition to the event. 

Wandering around, checking out items for sale, is always fun. There are activities for children as well as musical events, and always a spelling bee, but I had to travel on.

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Jackie said...

Your food photos make me hungry!
Beautifully done (again!)