Friday, July 8, 2011

Head to the beaches

Crisfield beach
What do people lucky enough to live near water do when it gets hot? If they don't have a boat or a swimming pool, they head to the beaches. Around here, we can get in our car and take a 40 minute drive to Chincoteague or Ocean City, or we can forgo all that packing and traffic and bike over to our cozy beach, located near the American Legion.  It's hot, and going to get hotter. My bike is always packed with a towel and a bottle of sunscreen. Oh, the simple life!

If you are so inclined, you can fish or crab from the dock.


ReallyNiceGirl said...

You capture the youth so well. Moments like this are special. It was a pleasure meeting you. You are an amazing photographer!

ReallyNiceGirl said...

Thank you for these great pictures of a day at the beach!

Desiree said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I go to crisfield several times every summer for the past couple years. Wondering where this beach are is, would love to be able to take my daughter.

Patty said...

Desirre: this is near the American Legion. I go there for photos. For the beach, I head to Chincoteague. I do love the ocean, and it is nice being only 50 minutes away.