Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sitting on a park bench in Crisfield, Maryland

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself” ~ Zen Proverb

I was supposed to be back on Tuesday but sliding down rainbows was too much fun. Of course, taking photos can be fun, too, especially when you meet people like Buddy Jones.

I captured Buddy doing what a lot of people in Crisfield do when the weather turns nice - just sitting - enjoying watching people walk, bike, or ride by in cars or on scooters. We are a friendly town, and people really do like to talk. I have found out some fascinating things about people after taking their photos.

Buddy, who will turn 80  this year, was sitting on the bench in front of Sea Mark Marine in Crisfield, where he used to work  for 27 years. He told me about his years building and working on boats. I could have talked all day but there were places to go and things to do.  At least I know where I can find Buddy on nice days. If you are heading into Crisfield, just look for Sea Mark on the right. And be sure and wave or honk at Buddy.


Barry said...

That's a very upscale public bench. Ours tend to be much more utilitarian.

And our City folk much more reserved.

Patty said...

Barry, you have to get out of the city. You should think about paying us a visit. I'll bet you would meet a lot of new friends sitting on that bench. Heck, you might not even want to return to Canada.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

i would love to sit there and relax.. miss ya patty..!

HalfCrazy said...

Hi there, Patty! I remember like a month ago you said you were gonna shut down this blog? What happened? It's great to know that you didn't, though!

Nice meeting, Buddy, seems like a really interesting fellow. Looks like Crisfield is a really friendly town, I hope my town models itself after yours! I just long for really friendly neighbors that I can talk and hang with. I know my neighbors around here but they're much too caught up with gossip, as in other people's lives. I can't live with that.

Patty said...

HalfCrazy: Good to see you back. Actually, I was going to shut down the blog in January, but I received so many emails from readers who wanted me to keep it up and running, that I decided to limp along, doing what I could with the spare time I had.

The Crisfield blog has a lot of followers. Some have summer homes here, some live here, some wish they lived there, and many people who live and work in big cities come here to enjoy a little peace and quiet. Stressed? Just spend a few minutes in Crisfield

I have decided to retire in June; I will be using my extra time doing what I love - photographing my town and the people who live here.

Patty said...

Loida: Hey, gal. I will be visiting you soon. Been missing you.

Lew said...

Buddy looks like a delight guy! And the boat behind him is superb. I'm glad you are continuing the blog. I also can tell you that doing what you love, without the pressure of deadlines, makes for a delightful life style.