Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Gifts

"Friends are the sunshine of life." ~ John Hay 

Eastern Shore people are proud, hardworking people. But there is always time for going for a walk or drive at the end of the day, or taking  a moment to speak to a friend - even a stranger. Yes, we work hard, but we know how to enjoy those precious parcels of time that life leaves us around like little Easter Eggs waiting to be found. Some people never see them. Around here, we know where to look.

 A boater from Tangier Islands spends a few moments chatting from his boat docked at the Crisfield City dock.

We love to wave around these parts.

Ray Peterson, an employee at MeTompkin Bay Oyster Company in Crisfield, takes a break from walking his dog Bronco so that Bronco can watch a biker go by.  The two were out for a  leisurely afternoon stroll on the city dock. I chatted with Ray and Bronco after I had taken their photos. Bronco was sooo sweet. Even our dogs are friendly!

BTW, MeTompin has been in business since the early 1800's.

Oh, and all this friendly talk has reminded  me to remind you that Crisfield's 2010, 17th annual Soft Shell Spring Fair is coming up. Won't you join us?
Admission is free - hours: 12 noon - 5 pm; Sunday, May 30. At the city dock, course.


HalfCrazy said...

That's a nice bike that waving guy has. Friendly too! In the Philippines, if you wave at someone you don't know, people would probably think you're weird! Haha!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Oh I am so putting this on my calendar! Where is that tiki bar?

Patty said...

Noe Noe: Tiki bar - right near the city dock.

Patty said...

HalfCrazy: If you don't wave around here, people think you're weird! Perhaps you could try the "Crisfield wave" in the Philippines.

A Life In Focus Photography said...

great job here Patty! if i didn't live here i would move!