Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No snow but plently of ice...

“You never really know your friends from your enemies until the ice breaks.”  ~ Eskimo Proverb

This is for  Elaine, Geoff, and Gray who live in Canada.  Elaine was surprised that we had such greenery in the dead of winter. I explained that the bay can sometimes save us from snow storms.

So  just so you won''t think we are out basking in out bathing suits, these photos are for you. No snow. And mild weather compared to yours, but still cold enough to keep the ice around.

No boats at Glenwood Evans. Only floating ice.

Jenkins Creek has been iced over for over a week.

Shooting into the sun near the city dock. More floating ice.

The water splashes up and freezes over.

These working boats aren't going anywhere.


Hey Barry, this is for you and Linda, too. I don't want to depress you but our weather is pretty mild compared to your Canadian weather. Bundle up, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Weather here has been brutal.... WC's below zero!! We also have about 8" of snow & it has flurried for everyday for about a week.... aaarrrrgh!!
Beautiful pics as always!!

Bagman and Butler said...

Beautiful to look at on a computer screen in a warm room.