Thursday, January 14, 2010

A good day for a John Deere tractor ride

"Anything that is good for our customers normally bodes well for John Deere." ~ Ken Golden

 It felt like spring today. We were working in the yard (my least favorite thing in the world to do) when I heard this noise coming from around the curve. Oh, my. I had to throw down the hedge clippers and run upstairs to grab a camera.

And of course all good tractor operators want to make sure their trailer is not overloaded.


A Scattering said... cute is he?!

Teacher's Pet said...

Nothing like the John Deere green...and a boy and his toy!
(Lovin' those glasses, too!)
Great job!!! Absolutely a 'smiler' of a photograph!

J9 said...

Cutie pie! and his tractor is hauling, what else? Tractors!

imac said...

Just in the right place - yet again my friend.

We have a John Deere outlet near us.

Thao said...

Thanks Patty for the kind comments to my blog. I absolutely loved my time in Maryland. The islands and the life by the coast is beautiful. I'm thinking one day I will end up somewhere similar to Crisfield :)

willow said...

Oh, this little guy reminds me SO much of my youngest, who's now 22. Where did the time go?