Friday, January 8, 2010

January Snow in Crisfield

We have been in a deep freeze around here for a few weeks (still not as cold as in many places so we can't complain). We have had snow, ice, and now more snow. Oh, and lots of wind.

I was reading in one of my journals that in late December 2007, we were at the beach. It was actually in the high sixties, and reached seventy one day. I could sure use some of that beach weather now.

Actually, this morning felt like spring. The snow had fallen in the night as quietly as powdered sugar falling from an unattended cupboard.  Sometimes a snow can slow things down. Sometimes it stops Old Man Winter in his tracks. And for a few hours, there was no wind. Only the stillness of the beauty that covered the earth. And people came out.

And then the wind came back and everyone went inside.

See all snow photos from around  the area at the newspaper's photo gallery site - link on right. 


Doreen said...

your photos are so fun!! love them. we just got hit with a snow storm yesterday. lots of snow now!! have a wonderful weekend!

Teacher's Pet said...

What beautiful photographs!
I want to be there...(if but for a while!)
The dock covered with snow (ice?)...I'm from the south...I never get to see that...or ice on a lake.
The photos of those enjoying the snow are so the smiles...the laughter...(and my favorite...the one of the child about to have a 'snow cone'..)
You are a great photographer.
I send you warm hugs...from the deep south.

A Scattering said...

Great job of catching the joy of snowball fights!

imac said...

Its great to see peeps having fun in the snow, and the last shot is a beauty.

Anonymous said...

We have got it now. I am in central Kentucky and I call it the south, but it is cold, cold and more cold.

LENORENEVERMORE said...'s so cold!
But you guys managed to have such FUN*
I'm dreaming of Tahiti right now
FUNstatic weekend & stay bundled-up*


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Patty, your photos are even more fantastic then usual this time. Must be the good light that snow and sunshine make! I love the one of the little tyke with the snow ball! and that snowman, could be Frosty himself!! That is a lovely picture, so perfect that I feel as if I am standing right in front of that snowman myself and admiring him. Snowy here too, as you saw in my post. Seems we are all in the same cold snowy boat this winter! that does some how make it all easier to take, don't you think! Northern germany got so snowed in, they had to rescue hundreds of people out of their cars when they got buried under with drifts caused by storm-strength winds. What a horror. Makes me think that we are on vacation with our snow here! :-) take care dear friend, and stay warm, and if the snow is annoying many of us we have to look at the positive side of it - we all have some nice photos to share with our blogging friends and lots of snowy stories to share. Debby

Barry said...

It's people who see snow rarely that know how to appreciate it.

You've really captured the joy.