Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ocean City, Maryland Air Show photos, June 9, 2012

Ocean City Air Show photos, June 9, 2012
Since it's not too late to catch the next show on Sunday, June 10, I won't give away the whole show until I have time to post more photos. The beach is beautiful and the ocean breeze and the water will cool you off, so grab a chair, a beach towel, pack a lunch, and head out to Ocean City, Maryland and watch the best of the best perform. I promise they will thrill you.  Oh, to avoid traffic use the park and ride. Only one-dollar each way or three bucks for a whole day in case you left something in your car like I did - my tripod, which comes in handy as an extra hand. Have exact change. 

Now, on with the show; let's call it a teaser. Thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, coordinators, and all of you who showed up. What a crowd. Ocean City, you know how to throw a party. Not only was it a party, it was a true tribute to the men and women in the skies who have spent their whole lives learning how to soar with the birds in a most entertaining way. A special thanks to our military who reminded us that we are indeed protected.


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Jackie said...

Oh MY!
I can't say enough about these shots, Patty!
I know that you know that they are good ones...great ones...but I want to reiterate. They are FABULOUS.
The one of the plane just above the water...well, that's simply one of the best!!
Award-winners, these are!