Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ocean City Air Show 2012, photos, part 2

Ocean City Air Show part 2
Here are more photos from the air show (yes, I have even more), not necessarily in order. If you missed the show this year, make plans for next year. I said it was awesome, and I will say it again: it is an awesome show, not to be missed.

I am running way low on time, so I regret I have to skip the information on the photos (I am retired, but still get a lot of requests to cover events, not to mention my own projects), but I had to give you some info on these two lovely people from Philadelphia. Their son is a team member with the Thunderbirds (number 11). That is pretty cool all by itself. They also have a daughter: Pink, the rock star. Seriously. That makes them twice cool parents. I so love Pink.

The only way to watch the air show!

A special thanks to Geico and Quality Inn for their hospitality and to Mike Wiskus and his team for the ride-along.What a thrill!

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