Sunday, February 19, 2012

What is the "donate" button?

Donate to a photographer
Update: I got an email from a viewer who saw the humor in an item on my list. He said I should have listed my reasons for donations as a top-ten list. I originally had 9. So here ya go. The top ten reasons I added a "donate" button to my site:

10. I hope a few people appreciate my photos enough to contribute. Other sites are using donate buttons that allow them time to pursue their interests and share with others. 

9. It takes a lot of work. Photos do not magically jump from my camera to your computer screen.

8. Like your car, equipment must be maintained, and Nikon charges an arm and a leg for cleaning and repairs.

7. You either have to have a job or a trust fund to keep Nikon gear up to par. I am a member of Nikon Professional Services, and only Nikon touches my gear, and that includes cleaning. I do not clean my own cameras. 

6. Last year’s care and repairs, around $1,600, and I consider that a cheap year.

5. Professional news journalists are rough on camera gear. Equipment can be replaced and repaired; a missed photo is forever gone.

4. I have lens caps, diffusers, and other small parts scattered across the country. Someone once got a nice Nikon strobe. Even tiny Nikon replacements are pricey. 

3. I have so many photos on Blogger, I now have to pay for extra space. 11,000 + to date.

2. I have original photos, 4 megs in size, stored on a remote server. The more photos I add, the more I pay.

1. My cat charges for sitting fees.

No, your deduction can not be used as a tax-break. Please use your dollars wisely, and give to organizations who you feel best serve the public as a whole. There are so many people who need help. I know. In my career, I have photographed the homeless, the incarcerated, the hungry, the politically oppressed, and the sick. I don't need any help. And with what I have seen in my career, I feel a little selfish putting a donation button on my site.  If you don't already give to needy, reputable, organizations, please do not give to me. I have my own charity organizations that I contribute to. If you feel you have served your civic duty by giving to an organization or organizations that make life better for people, and have a buck or two sitting around, I would be delighted to put it in my Nikon piggy bank. And if you have not given to a charity lately, check out this site, do your research, and pick one.

Again, let me thank everyone who has given to my camera fund. It is greatly appreciated, and what fun to know that so many people enjoy my photos! And thanks to George in Saginaw, Michigan for suggesting the top-ten list.


Lew said...

And the vet also charges to keep your photo subject healthy!

Patty said...

Lew, yes. And I have 3 more like him!

Jackie said...

From one kitty cat lover to another, I adore your list (and your kitty.)
Don't they just "exude" that "I- don't-care-if-you-take-my-photo-or not" look..."if you'll just get outa my face and let me be." :))

Patty said...

jackie: my cats are used to me sticking cameras in their faces, mostly for tests. And of course, sometimes they are too cute not to photograph.

I am always amused when I am at other people's houses who have cats, and when I try and snap them, away they go! My cats just yawn, stretch, and go back to sleeping.