Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh, the people we meet

Desmond Tutu
"A person is a person because he recognizes others as persons." ~ Desmond Tutu

News photographers get to meet a lot of interesting people. Some photographers never get over the giddy feeling that comes over them when meeting famous people (those photographers annoy not only the working stiffs among us but the subjects). But for the professionals, the more famous people we meet, from presidents to entetainers, the more they become assignments with deadlines. But I have had my favorites. Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu is one of them.

The famous-people names that have stuck with me over the years have been those who dared change the world. While running through a box of negatives and slides, I found a sheet of Archbishop Desmond Tutu negatives, and ran one through my scanner. Tutu heads the top of my short list of favorite world-changers. Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, among other prestigious human rights awards, and holds honorary degrees from over one-hundred and thirty universities, including Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Emory, and Harvard, where this photo was taken.  You can read more about Tutu at Wikipedia.

Age has not slowed Tutu down. At eighty, he is still changing the world.


Lew said...

The world needs more leaders like him! What a priviledge to have met (and photographed) him.

Patty said...

Mark, Butler, and Bagman: Oops. I am bad about deleting posts. I deleted your post, and tried to retrieve it. No-can-do. So, because it was you, Bagman, and Butler I retrieved it from the Blogger email. I know you were running around Cambridge taking photos at the same time. We had to have brushed shoulders at least once. So here ya'go:

Bagman and Butler has left a new comment on your post "Oh, the people we meet":

All three of us are standing with our mouthes open, too much in awe to even clap.

Patty said...

Lew. I agree.

Did you get any bad weather your way? We dodged the bullet - again. Yea!