Saturday, February 4, 2012

New England Patriots in Super Bowl 46

Vince Wilfork, New England Patriots in Super Bowl 46
The one thing that they don't teach you in photojournalism school is that when you shoot for a newspaper, you have no opinions. Writers have opinions and of course, editors have opinions, but photographers are recorders of the moment. The only things we get invloved in are the controls on our cameras, and wondering to ourselves who decided to put 9 foot floral arrangements around podiums, or on tables, or who was responsible for setting up events at the most horrendous sun-times of the day, but I digress. This is about football.

I learned a lot during my training in 1985, in my favorite city, Cambridge, MA. So naturally, I am a Patriots fan, and I can now say that because I am retired. I rooted for the Pats to beat the Ravens. What a game that was. Whoot! Whoot!

Being from Georgia, you would think I would be a Falcons fan. Nope. They loose way too much, though they did make it to the Super Bowl one year.

Anyway, I am proud of my Pats, and will be rooting from them tomorrow. My favorite player is Vince Wilfork. Don't ask me why. Just good vibes, I guess.

Anyway, I will not have a post tomorrow. I won't be tweeting or face-booking. I will return on Monday.

Oh, and the reason for this post: the official beer of this blogger, Oscar Blues Ten FIDY. I can't stand the smell of alcohol, so the only "strong stuff" I touch is a well-made Mint Julep on a warm day, and no one in this part of the country knows how to make a Mint Julep (and there are no proper southern porches for sitting or sipping), as I have discussed before. Wine is way too sweet, and most beer tastes like swamp water. When I drink, I prefer a strong, dark beer (must be more German than Russian in me), and I finally found the Holy Grail of beer, as least as far as my taste goes.

Oscar Blues Ten FIDY is as thick as motor oil, and as black. The only place to get it around here is at Cheers in Salisbury (limited supply), and I always pick up a case in Bel Air. Ten FIDY goes well with chocolate, and though I would not know, they say it compliments a good cigar. The alcohol content is almost 11%, which is why I probably won't be pecking at iPads or iPhones tomorrow, and a case will set you back eighty-bucks. It is a seasonal beer, so buy and stash like gold. Oh, and drink sparingly.

Update: Yes, my team lost. But there is always next year.

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Jackie said...

So glad that you haven't tried this with a cigar. :))
Your photos are splendid, and I wish you a great day as you watch your Patriots play on Sunday. Have a beautiful day.