Friday, February 24, 2012

Flash rain in Princess Anne...February 24, 2012

Rain in Princess Anne, Maryland, UMES students
“The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

They said it was coming. In fact, the weather reports were flashing tornado alerts all afternoon. It was, after all, in the mid-seventies today. In my home-state of Georgia, we are used to seventy-degree weather in February. OK. So, it's almost March, but tornadoes in Maryland in "almost" March?

Anyway, we went to Get'n Grounded coffee shop in Princess Anne this afternoon, a place we go to relax, play with our iPads, and enjoy cappuccino and cake (a great little sandwich shop, too), and as we were leaving, the bottom fell out of the skies, catching these three young UMES students so off-guard, they had no time to open their umbrellas. I had no time to check my exposure, either. Had I done so, I would have missed the shots. This is a brake, grab camera, and shoot photo-essay.

They were so close to the buildings, they decided to make a run for it. I would have done the same.
Luckily, we had no tornadoes. Once we arrived back in Crisfield, we had a couple of flash rains, and then the skies cleared. Some areas on the Eastern Shore suffered from wind damage.

Seventy-five today...forty-eight tomorrow. These are strange weather-times.

I used to love to get caught in the rain. Still do, sans camera, of course.

Check out Get'n Grounded in Princess Anne. You will love the atmosphere.

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