Monday, June 21, 2010

Hebron Savings Bank, celebrating 100 years

Happy 100th birthday to Herbon Savings Bank!

 Hebron Savings Bank opened it's doors in Hebron, Delaware, in 1910. Here is a little U.S. hisotry to put that year into perspective:

The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated.

Barney Oldfield set a land speed record of 131.5 mph at Daytona.

The 35th Preakness and the 36th Kentucky Derby took place.

Montana's Glacier National Park formed.

Glen Curtis flew from Albany to New York.

Camp Girls founded.

President Taft became the first president to throw out the first baseball on opening day.

The Wright Brothers, in conjunction with Max Moore, made the first air freight shipment from Dayton to Columbus, Ohio.

16th US Golf Open played in Philly.

Father's Day celebrated for the first time in Spokane, WA.

Yellow Cab was founded.

Halley's Comet is observed photographically for the first time. 

World's first female policewoman was appointed to serve (LAPD).

Penn Station opens as the world's largest railway.

USPO issues the 1st savings stamp.

Wow! We have come a long way! And so has Hebron Savings Bank, who started their first bank in one room that was used to store salt. 

From their humble beginnnings in 1910, they have branced out from Hebron to several locations in Salisbury,  as well as to Sharpton, Vienna, Cambridge, Princess Anne, Fruitland, and of course, Crisfield.

Happy 100 Years!


Anonymous said...

That is quite a feat as with all the banks being gobbled up by bigger ones to have a local bank stay the same!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

willow said...

Happy 100!!

Anonymous said...

I love Hebron DE it has an amazing hisotry!

Patty said...

Anon: Hebron is a a great town. A lot of history in Crisfield, too, so Hebron fits right in.

Patty said...

Thank you to Willow Manor for wishing Hebron a Happy 100th!

Patty said...

Marilyn: Yes, with so many banks having gone under is it nice to have such an old establishment in our historic town.