Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1800's Festival in Fairmount, MD

"Make plans for fun. Enjoy Life."

None of my weekend photos have been in any kind of order, so I won't start now. I had several folders on my desktop, each with photos from three different cameras. It takes a little time to sort through photos when you take so many, something I can't help but do. After awhile, all the photos start to look alike and I have to step away from the monitor. So I will continue with more photos from Memorial Day weekend, 2010, not in any order, of course.

In-between the Crisfield events, I headed a few miles up the road to Fairmount, to check out their annual 1800's Festival.

The festival is held on the grounds of the Fairmount Academy, established 1867.

Festival-goers enjoyed old time demonstrations like this apple press.

Long lines for soft shell crab and oyster sandwiches...worth the wait.

I love to chat with the residents of Fairmount.

I shopped a little while taking photos.

Left, Bill Buttrill, from Crisfield, was one of the many volunteers.

Inside the school house, festival-goers enjoy entertainment and demonstrations.

Back outside, the sheriff and his deputy had to wrangle a cowpoke, and tote him off to jail. Yes, he lost his hat.

Now that the town was saved, the kiddos enjoyed some fun on an old-time whirly. I climbed up in the center for these two shots.

The boys had their own fun...

A cool treat.

And the fiesta resistance...

If those strawberries give you a craving, make plans to be in Marion Station on June 26, for the Strawberry Festival, sponsored by Crisfield Events, the Crisfield Heritage Foundation, and the Somerset County Arts Council. Marion is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Crisfield.

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