Friday, June 18, 2010

Flowers from Crisfield

Several posts ago, I presented you with a bouquet of orange flowers. Today, going into Father's Day weekend, I present all you dad's with a bouquet of yellow flowers. 

I know that by now, your lawns are putting out the smell of fresh cut grass, and your flower beds and gardens could be a candidate for the cover of a garden magazine.  

After the presents are opened on Sunday, many of you are looking forward to a day of fishing, golfing, or cranking up the grills, and slapping down the choice steaks or shrimp (around here, we love our crabs). 

Some of you want nothing more than to lie in your hammock and enjoy the fruits of you labor, while sipping on cold beer or lemonade, and enjoying the day with your family.

However you plan your day, we hope you will keep this little bouquet of yellow flowers in your mind, remembering that yellow is the color for many things, including relief from burnout and exhaustion.


imac said...

What a nice thought, such a beautiful post.

Ann said...

In New Zealand, we celebrate Father's day in Sept. Happy father's day to all the Dads in USA