Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 Easter Egg Hunt in Havre de Grace, Maryland

 Harford County, Maryland events 2012
 Havre de Grace Easter Egg Hunt: April 7, at noon at Tydings Park. Event sponsored by Havre de Grace Recreation Committee.

Why am I posting a Havre de Grace event? Because I am now posting photos and events from just about everywhere in Maryland, and sometimes West Virginia, because I am no longer tied to one location. Besides, our son lives off Wheel Road in Bel Air, and we visit that part of Maryland often. And, of course, because my readers are spread out all over the country, many being from Maryland, Virginia, and the DC area. 

In fact, I am giving you not only posts of present and future events, but of past events, covering other states and countries in photos. This is a photo site. Wherever my little beat-up cameras have been, or will be taking me, is where I will take you. So stay tuned for happenings and 'happeneds' from many places.

Visit the Harford County Maryland site and start planning now.

Click here for more info on  Havre de Grace

Travel tip: Havre de Grace is home to the famous Martha Lewis skipjack, winner of 9 skipjack races. Below is one of the photos I took of the Martha Lewis during one of the skipjack races at Deal Island, while shooting from another skipjack. If you are in Havre de Grace, or just passing through, check the water to see if she is in port. Want the experience of sailing on the Martha Lewis? Check out their website for upcoming events.

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I love skiff racing, but I will take this too. ~Mary