Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Artist's house

Artist's house
"The past actually happened. History is what someone took the time to write down." ~ Whitney Brown

...or photograph.  

Viewers will recognize this house. It has been a favorite of both photographers and artists alike. I have posted it many times, but never quite like this. For the creative among you who are visiting for the first time, don't pack your bags; the house is gone.


Lew said...

I love the way you brought out the color in the old house!

Cathey said...

I like this. It looks like the opening scene of a really good book!

bARE-eYED sUN said...

nice, very nice. i believe that i've seen this one before, unshopped (which is even more impressive).

this iteration, at first glance is too cheery but after some contemplation is haunting in a different way. i like what you've done with the place. :-)


Bagman and Butler said...

Very cool. And from my own playing with Photoshop, I don't think this was an easy filter click...I think there is some mastery involved here.