Friday, March 16, 2012

Sticky rice shopping

Sticky rice shopping
Having spent a lot of time in Southeast Asia, I am a fan of sticky rice. My favorite is black or red, something I usually order online, but I occasionally buy the white variety. My last in-store purchase was made at Kim's in Salisbury. While leaving, her little dog followed me to the door, where she dutifully sat, watching the traffic go by. Naturally, I could not resist a few snaps from my car.

If anyone knows where I can find fresh durian, email me. I found one at an oriental store in Atlanta 20 years ago. Other than that, I have never seen a fresh durian in the US.


Anonymous said...

There is an asian market in Catonsville MD called H mart. They sell it and other fruits and veggies you never see in average markets. Hold your nose and enjoy

Patty said...

Anon: thank you. I will check them out. Although I did find one, I have always wondered how they got it to the US without running everyone off the boat! Of course, they could have flown it here. The last one I bought was 25 bucks and that was a long time ago. Well worth it for those who like the stinky fruit.