Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Abbey Road on the River comes to DC, Labor Day weekend, 2012

Abbey Road comes to Maryland, Labor Day 2012
“Yesterday our troubles seemed so far away, I believe in yesterday.” ~  The Beatles  

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Yesterday is happening this Labor Day, 2012, at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor Maryland (just minutes from Washington, DC). 

Let's see? I will show my age here, and say that I first saw The Beatles perform in 1965, at the Atlanta Stadium. I was sixteen. I  had to use my whole allowance to pay for a seat. The price of a ticket: $5.50, and that was for the good seats.  At home, I had numerous photos of The Beatles plastered about my room, and I had a John Lennon hat that I have to admit looked better on him than it did not me. Still, I wore it to the concert where I swooned over the Fab Four.

I can't say I grew up with The Beatles, but when I think about it,  we pretty much all did. They crossed culture-lines, they made us cry, laugh, and wonder. They were sensational, they were controversial - they spilled into our lives through music and in the news. While their songs played, we fell in and out of love, got married, had children, and introduced our children to the magic of The Beatles.

I have never met anyone who can't pick a favorite Beatles song, and I have found that tribute bands draw both young and old. Everyone is looking for romanticism in this electronic whirl-wind world. The sounds of The Beatles takes us all back to a time when things may not have been easier, but they were simpler.

Join me at Abbey Road in Washington, DC - August 30 - September 3, and enjoy the magic of Yesterday. Click on the link above, or here, for everything-you-need-to-know about Abbey Road on the River, and for reservations at the Gaylord.  Hotel deals, arranged by Abbey Road, at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center are in full swing (as of this posting). I got a "fab" price on a room with atrium view. If you miss out, don't blame me. 

Fans in Louisville, Kentucky (I know I have some readers in that part of the country) can find info at Abbey Road site for May 24-28 event. Can't get enough of The Beatles? Do them both!

Yes, I will be posting lots of photos from the event. Maybe my camera will find you! Being retired has its rewards.

Oh, I am especially looking forward to hearing the Abbey Road LIVE! band again. They are from Athens, GA. When I lived in Georgia, I did not live far from Athens, so weekends were pretty much spent "partying" in true Southern style.

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