Saturday, May 1, 2010

National Law Enforcement Museum Golf Tournament at Great Hope Golf Course in Westover, Maryland

"As we all know... golf is a puzzle without an answer." ~ Gary Player 

 My husband played golf for many years, and he played well; he even has a few trophies to prove it. Don't get the wrong idea. He was never a "pro",  just a good player who practiced a lot, entered a few local tournaments with his pals, and brought home a few trophies.  I remember how excited he used to get when we lived in Georgia, and the Augusta Masters was around the corner; customers used to give him tickets to the Holy Grail of golf, and he was like a kid at Christmas.

 Unfortunately, my husband has a bum knee from Vietnam that caught up with him, and though he gets out from time to time and hits a few, he can't keep up with the big boys anymore.

When he does play, he heads up to Great Hope Golf Course in Westover. Mostly him, two braces on his knee, and a bucket of balls. Today, he got to observe a tournament while riding me around in a golf cart, courtesy of Great Hope. 

I am glad he was with me because as I tell people, "I don't know nothing 'bout no golf." My husband kept stopping the cart, telling me one could not drive a cart while a player was hitting a ball; one could not drive here... or walk there... Uh?  And the sound of the shutter on a Nikon D700 - oh, my! Before I had completed my assignment, my head was swimming with rules and regulations. 

It was all a puzzle to me. I felt like Alice playing croquet with the Red Queen, except I was using a camera instead of a golf club.  Had I been alone, and not knowing all those rules, surely one of the golfers would have had my head in the first round. And there were plenty of golfers that day, around 100, playing a tournament for a very good cause.

Great Hope closed their course for the day to host the National Law Enforcement Museum Benefit Golf Tournament, sponsored by the Crisfield Police Department. I love my boys in blue. Well, sometimes they wear black, but you get the idea.

Anyway, below you will find a few photos of the tournament. If you are in the area give Great Hope a call at 410.651.5900 or 800. 537.8009 and set up a tee-time. And if you are in need of lessons, they have a great pro on site. Just ask for Tim Brittingham. I have several photos of  him I took last November on another assignment, and though I "don't know nothing 'bout no golf" I could tell he was a class-act golfer. Tim, I looked for one of your photos so I could post it here, but I am the worst when it comes to filing my photos. 

Thanks to Great Hope for their hospitality, to the Crisfield Police Department, all of the sponsors, and to the dedicated golfers who participated.

I think I have someone's ball in my camera bag. I'm keeping it. Who knows? I might try putting it around the yard. Maybe even try my hand with a club. Tim? 

Members of the Crisfield Police Department sell raffle tickets for the museum.

Checking out the equipment. Lonnie, on the left, is with the Crisfield Police Department. He is also Commander of the Crisfield American Legion.

Gentlemen, prepare to start your batteries...

Dan, you look like a pro, yourself.

Love that swing, Jay.

I think my husband said that was a putt for a birdie.

Teeing off...

Golfers are patient people.

Watch that birdie! Yes, that is a goose.

My husband explained this to me but it was way to complicated. 

I just love these covers.

Nice Greens.

Great Hope has a  pro shop, yummy food, and some comfy couches to relax on after a hard day on the course. People who don't even play golf go there to eat.

They keep it well landscaped, too.

And being a fan of black and white, I just had to add one b/w photo. The sign is from one of the many sponsors who contributed to the event. 

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