Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Crisfield Cat

I was cleaning out some folders on my desktop and found this shot I took last week of one of our five house cats; I woke him from his afternoon nap on the back screened porch.  How could I let such a good shot go to waste?

Meet Skipper. Skipper was brought to our door by a  member of the humane society when he was only three-weeks old. That was in August of 2006.

In Crisfield, as in most small towns, they say if you are not born here, then you are never from here. But someone told me that if your children are born here that kind of makes you "from here", and they conceded that Skipper kind of makes us "from here",  since his bloodline could go back far in time. So, thanks to Skipper, we are kinda "from here". And thanks to the nice people of Crisfield, we feel like we have lived here all our lives.


Anonymous said...

I could never resist a feline face!! Adorable!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

A Scattering said...

Such an adorable photo of your resident Crisfield native. We're having really warm weather and Gray seems to pick the hottest places in the house to lie down. Go figure.