Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crisfield Memorial Day Events - 2010 -Part 2

The Crisfield Elks Lodge hosted 3 veterans for the Wounded Warrior program. One of their many adventures while in Crisfield included a pork roast at the lodge, followed by parachute jumpers.

More photos to come on this.

Thank you, active members of the armed forces and veterans! Words can not express our gratitude.


Crisfield Warriors said...

Thank you so much to Crisfield and the Elks lodge for an amazing weekend! The folks we met in Crisfield are among the warmest, kindest, most patriotic people on the planet! We have all gained memories and friendships that are truly irreplaceable.

Deepest thanks and gratitude from your Wounded Warriors

Patty said...

Thank you. It is always a pleasure to photograph our active and former military. I am proud to say that "we care" in Crisfield. Everyone went out of their way to make sure the "warriors" had a wonderful time.