Saturday, November 14, 2009

Walking the Dog

“Adventure is worthwhile.” ~ Aristotle

So many visitors to our little town. I know why they love it.

I snapped this photo from a moving car. No, officer, I was not driving.

I did not have time to stop to chat but I know they were headed back to the cruise boat that had docked for the day. I hope they had a good time and that they come back soon.

How about you? Have you planned your next adventure? Think Crisfield!


Ann said...

You should have stopped and tell them that the poor dog is freezing, and suggest they get some woolies for him and some booties too. LOL

Are there any crabs in winter?

Barry said...

I didn't know they allowed dogs on cruise ships. But then I've never been on a cruise so I have a lot to learn.

My brother and his wife, on the other hand, go on several cruises a year.

Looks a little wet in Crisfield.

imac said...

Great capture.

Yup,we have booked our cruise for next year, we are off around the med.

Patience-please said...

In my next trip 'back home' I will definitely try to include Crisfield!
And, of course, if you're ever Paducah way, we'd love to have you, too.


Patty said...

You know what, Barry? You are most likely right about the dog. The people were walking behind another group of people who were headed back to the ship. I assumed they were with them. Hey, around here, we know every stranger. I had never seen them before and they were headed in the right direction.

Of course, we have people stopping in Crisfeld all the time. Perhaps they were following the crowd to see where they were going.

Then again, maybe some cruise ships have doggie bathrooms now. Hey, it could happen. I mean, one cruise ship has an ice bar - everything made from ice. Wow. It would take a lot of vodka to stave off that cold. Maybe that is the idea. Whoo hoo!

Patty said...

Ann, dogs love Crisfield - cold or no cold.