Monday, November 30, 2009

Quack Quack from Crisfield

"Yes, ducks are valiant things
On nests of twigs and straws,
And ducks are soothy things
And lovely on the lake
When that the sunlight draws
Thereon their pictures dim
In colours cool.
And when beneath the pool
They dabble, and when they swim
And make their rippling rings,
0 ducks are beautiful things!
But ducks are comical things:-
As comical as you.
They waddle round, they do.
They eat all sorts of things,
And then they quack.
By barn and stable and stack
They wander at their will,
But if you go too near
They look at you through black
Small topaz-tinted eyes
And wish you ill.
Triangular and clear
They leave their curious track
In mud at the water's edge,
And there amid the sedge
And slime they gobble and peer
Saying 'Quack! quack!"

~ FW Harvey


Sarah Lulu said...

I love ducks!

imac said...

Beautiful photo to great words.

Ann said...

I grew up helping mum rear ducks, ( mind you reluctantly ) in a suburban house. Now, we look back and have great memories. We call this white ducks, water ducks, and are great layers. You don't really need to feed them, they go and wonder, and come back at night to lay their eggs.