Sunday, November 15, 2009

Captain Daddy Art Daniels

The caption was a little difficult for me to write. Around here, we call him Daddy Art.

Daddy Art lives on Deal Island where he was born and raised. Actually, he lives in Wenona, but I seem to have a habit of calling both Chance and Wenona Deal Island.

I recently took these photos of Daddy Art getting his skipjack ready for oyster season. This is his 58th year on one of the most famous skipjacks around (and there are only a handful left).

The City of Crisfield skipjack, so named because Daddy Art bought it 58 years ago in Crisfield, is a amazing boat captained by an equally amazing man. Daddy Art, who has been working the waters for most of his eighty-something years has won the Deal Island Skipjack race on numerous occasions.

In the photos, Daddy Art is making repairs on the skipjack. By now, I am sure he has brought in loads of oysters. Depending on where you live, you might have already had some of Daddy Art's oysters.

Daddy Art is up everyday getting ready to work the waters before most of us go to bed. I wish I had his energy.


Barry said...

Me too.

Some people are just inspiring, even if all they are doing is going about, what is for them, their everyday lives.

Joanne said...

Daddy Art looks very much like a man who has made his passion his life. What a great way to live.

imac said...

Captured well, tis a wonderful tale of this mighty man and his boat.

Doreen said...

wonderful photos! he is doing what he loves, helps to keep him young and full of vim and vigor!!

A Scattering said...

Oh Patty, I love this post. Your photos match the marvels of this man. Thanks for teling his story.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I really love these photos! So real and perfectly you are standing right next to them!