Monday, February 16, 2009

Where are the photos you took?

I have received several emails and phone call from people who saw me shooting the Valentine's balls this weekend. They wanted to know when I would be posting the photos on this blog site.

This is just my little "play blog." I can't post assignments on my site. It may be that, in the future, I will be able to post one photo and direct people to my newspaper's web site, and that would be just so that people who don't live here could enjoy the events in our town, and read our daily newspaper. I always like to read newspapers in other cities and towns, especially small towns.

The Valentine's ball photos should be on the paper's web site sometimes today. Just click on the Daily Times link on the menu bar to the right.

I invite all those who don't live here to check out the site as well. We have some talented photographers, and there are always some nice photos in our web gallery. You can also submit your photos to the Daily Times. They love kids, weather, pets - anything you think is interesting. You can also chime in on the paper's blog.

The Daily Times is not located in Crisfield, but it is our only daily paper and you can keep up with all the Crisfield events and news. You can click on their "Weekly" newspaper link - and look for the Somerset Herald, which is specific to our area.

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