Friday, February 27, 2009

Sign sign everywhere a sign...

Reggie Girl and I thought we would post ten photos of random signs from around our town. Here are mine. Let's see what Newnan has to offer.

Next week, we will be doing churches. If anyone wants to join us, get out your camera!

Click on photos to view. If your monitor is set below 1280 by 1024 pixels, the photos will be way too big, so check you monitor settings.

Crisfield is famous for seafood, boat building, and boat repairs. This is a sign in front of Evans Boat Repair.

People get up early around these parts!

This is a sign on our city dock. FedEx leaves packages for the mail boats. People are trusting around here but don't get any ideas; the police are on the ball!

This storage shed used to belong to a now vacated store. I removed the color, and added some.

No 'splaining necessary.

We have a lot of wind around here, and it will take your door off. Businesses sometimes tape little reminders on their doors in order to keep them form ending up on the other side of the bay.

This sign is just a little outside Crisfield, but I liked it.

If you still have one of those signs in your town, snap a photo before the history of the grand old store is gone.

The first McCrory store opened in 1882 in Scottdale, Pa. The last store closed in 2001. I am not sure when the Crisfield store closed.

Other names associated with McCrory's are Lerner Shops and Kresge. Ah, the good old days. My grandmother loved McCrory's.

Get your live crabs at Southern Connection, or down the road at Linton's.

I have only lived in Crisfield for three years, so I don't know much about this now-defunct pharmacy. Old stores fascinate me.

This quaint sign welcomes visitors to the city dock.


Noelle said...

lol, MCrory's!! I miss that store. ha, so funny. Hey do you think 50 bucks is a good price for a beginning photography class? and what do you think about Nikons? I hope I didn't already ask you this...

Patty said...

Noelle: Fifty bucks is pretty cheap. Go for it.

Nikons? Are there any other brands out there? I have been shooting with Nikons since 1985.

They don't make 'em like they used to, though. I dropped an $1,800 lens last month and the glass shattered in a million pieces.

My old gear was beat up, dinged, and shabby looking, but nothing ever broke from a fall, even after two or three bounces on concrete.

When they took the metal out of the cameras, they took away their armor so you have to be extra careful with all the new cameras, no matter what brand you buy. Of course, most people don't abuse their cameras like photojournalist do.

Glad you are getting interested in photography. It will enhance your poetry, especially when you are ready to publish that book.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I love all of your signs Patty. I love old stores and defunct, decrepid, condemned falling down buildings (unless it's nighttime)...... your shots are awesome :)

I think profiling people after we do churches is a fantastic idea. So many people's faces tell their life story without them ever saying a word. Especially the eyes.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Patty said...

Reggie Girl: Next time, I will show you the pretty side of our town in signs. We didn't agree on pretty signs, you Jam Shark --just signs, and you know this eye always goes to the different.

We're on for churches next week! Grrr.

Gwei Mui said...

Amazing! You always seem to be able to capture things that I can never quite put my finger on immediately but have been buzzing around my head. It's inspiring. The area that I live in has changed so much over the past 17 years it always seems to start with a change in the signs, street signs. I look forward to catching up with your latest entries.

Patty said...

Gwei: Thanks for the kind comments. The little things are always there for us to see and feel if we only take a moment to look with open minds.

So many people go around with tunnel vision, never seeing the beauty in small things, and never knowing what history took place in the very stop they are standing in.

2L3Bs World said...

Dearest Patty,
Such interesting signs. Just like bringing us to the exact place where you'd been.. And it's like you were in the 60's movie depicting an old beautiful county..

Thanks for sharing.. You and Reggie Girl is really helping us to travel far and beyond.. Please keep it up my friends..

miss ya,

Basir Seerat said...

amazing pictures , realy nice shots and you captured nice color, distence and really informational....