Monday, February 23, 2009

Life by the Bay

We have some beautiful homes in Crisfield, but my eye always goes towards those little places by the bay whose owners seemed to have found their own Camelot, never to be altered by the tides of change.

I snapped this little cottage because it reminds me of many of the little houses (and vehicles) on Long Island, Bahamas, one of my favorite places to visit.

In a way, Crisfield reminds me of Long Island, Bahamas.

Albert Einstein wrote: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

I think I have just explained Crisfield very well.


Jess said...

how quaint :) I like your comment about how owners seemed to have found their own Camelot, that's a cool way of putting it. Nice beat up truck too haha and of course, the one random tree!

Patty said...

Anyone having a problem posting anywhere? I have been trying to post at a few sites (one is yours, Reggie Girl) and the word verification does not come up.

Patty said...

Jess: People do their own dreams around here, and everyone respects that.

I love that truck, and yes, the one tree is a hoot.

I can walk to the water, but I would not mind giving up my house for that one. The view is simply breathtaking.

Michelle said...

Not a lot of yard to maintain! :)

I love the shot!

Noelle said...

Patty, thank you so much for always leaving me such nice compliments. You are too kind. I love this picture you've posted...a cottage by the sea....reminds me of one of my favorite movies "The Ghost and Mrs. Miniver".

Patty said...

Thanks Noelle. In its own way, it is an enchanting little place. In a few days, I will be posting some shanties on Ape Hole Road. That is just a few minutes from our house, and it is one of my favorite places.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Patty Crisfield...........please stop taking pictures of my house and putting them all over the internet.
I have a couple of ex-husband's looking for me. I forgot to tell you that I'm in the witness protection program, lol........
Take good care and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

The Pink Bird House said...

Hi Patty! Í was very pleased to see that you had dropped by my blog for a visit and left comment. And I loved hearing a compliment on the name of my blog. Actually, it came to me in a dream, and when i woke up, I said, "that's it, that is the one", and it stuck! This house I live in is much like a bird house at times, lots of comings and goings, lots of racket, and well, I threw in pink cuz that is my all time fav color.

As for Germany, how nice to know that you have been here. If you have been on the river cruises, then you most likely were on the Rhine or Mosel. We love the Mosel, it is not as commericalized as the Rhine. It IS a clean country, that is for sure. When I first moved here, I too was amazed and impressed with what I saw, no trash, not even a cigarette butt. I wondered how they did it! :-) To be honest about it, now though things have changed a bit, the financial crisis that hit Europe several years ago has made itself known in little areas too, and that being the town's cash box! Not as much money left for cleaning up anymore, and so one finds trash along the road sides, mostly from fast food places. Things have changed. But, it still is one of the prettiest places I know.

But hey, enough of me. I am thrilled to have found your blog. You are from MD! Not far from my beloved NJ, and my sister lives there. I am thoroughly enjoying your pictures of MD, especially the ones along the bay! Ahhh, makes me miss home. The little blue house seems as if it could be one found in one of the tiny shore towns of NJ. I love the brick homes of here, but LOVE the wooden houses of america so much more.

BTW, my surgery went well. Not knee replacement, but a realignment of the bones, making me walk on straighter legs to help ease off the pressure on the damaged inner cardilage. (I will have to research it and find the english name for this particular surgery). They don't do replacements too quickly here, wanting to hold off until one is older. But they have great surgeons here! And all was covered by our insurance! Can't beat that.

I will stop by again and see what new pictures you have added. I am soo glad that you found me!! Have a great day! Debby

Patty said...

Reggie Girl: I will give you $100 for it.

Now, you know you loved that house! I think it is just adorable. So romantic.

I enjoyed your Tuesday town photos.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Okay.........I'll take the $100.
This time :)
And you're right, the house AND the truck are fantastic. I love me small towns!!

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Patty said...

Reggie Girl: I just came home from shooting an assignment and saw your package. I was wondering what to eat when I got home, as I was famished, and I had to get a photo to the paper, so I knew I did not have time to round up some chow.

Knowing what was in the box, I tore it open and slapped some of that gold onto a slice of bread.

Wonderful jam! Aren't these blogs nice? Kind of like small town friendliness regardless of the blogger's locations.

I just got homemade jam from Georgia (my old home state) and am awaiting tea from China, all from two people I would have never met had it not been for the Blogosphere.

I am going to send you some special gold that we have little of now, and keep for ourselves. It will be a surprise!

The fig jam will still arrive in August.

Patty said...

Pink Bird House: Your sister has probably visited Crisfield. We have a lot of visitors from New Jersey. We also have a lot of people from the state who have bought summer homes here.

If you ever make it back to Jersey, you must pay a visit.

We have been on river cruises on both the Rhine or Mosel. So beautiful and relaxing.

The first thing we notice about all the little towns in Germany is how clean there were. People used trash cans! Way too many people in the States won't walk two steps to use a trash can.

I want to know how, in the dead of winter, you have produce that looks like wax? It is so beautiful. Not even a piece of wilted lettuce could be found in the markets.

We hope to return to Germany next year for another trip, but we are also contemplating a river cruise in Russia. Of course, if the economy does not recover, we may vacation in Crisfield...and that is just fine with us!.

Take care of that knee!

2L3Bs World said...

Aside from your beautiful shot of homes in Crisfield, another thing that made me happy is to see you Patty, Reggie and Debby too! I love you guys..!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I'm glad that you got the jelly and the mulling spice Patty.
Loida, I too am happy to see you and Debby here at Criswell Patty's blog. How awesome is that? Never thought this could happen in a million years. Someone needs to call Ellen DeGeneres, no????.........
We love you back Loiday :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl