Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It has been a busy few days so I have been derelict in my duties.

The photo of the day is of Lewis Culbertson. He has been working for Glenwood Evans and Son for three generations. Crisfield, like other towns across the country, has been hit hard by the declining economy. Bob Evans, owner of Glenwood Evans, is proof that Crisfield cares about its workers and its people.

I caught Culberston relaxing in his favorite chair, in between pumping gas for the waterman and doing general chores around the dock.

If you are ever in Crisfield, stop by Glenwood Evans and talk with Culberston. He is a walking history book. And don't forget to buy whatever is in season. Nothing better than getting those oysters or crabs right off the boats.


Switching the subject to art, here is a painting my husband did of Glenwood Evans from the city dock (click to enlarge). My husband is a folk artist. You can see more of his work at http://www.aurence.com, or stroll over to the sidebar and click on "Aurence".

Crisfield has many talented artists, working in all kinds of mediums. I will be showcasing different artists in the future. If you are an artist, just send me some photos of your art, along with a website address, if you have one.

Also, if you are an artist, writer, or any type of creative person looking to move, or set up shop, Crisfield is the place to be. Inspiration abounds in our wonderful town!


I guess the only news is that we have six more weeks of winter, according to the famous groundhog. I have not ask a waterman yet. They know the weather better than anyone. I will pop down to Gordon's one day this week and let you know what the waterman are saying.

Don't forget the Valentine's Ball to be held at the Masonic Temple. It is a fundraiser to benefit Crisfield Events. It is being catered by Watermen's Inn (check them out when you visit - exceptional food). There will be a live band. Cocktail Hour starts at 6:00pm. Tickets are $75/person.

For more information call 410.202.6490.

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