Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gordon's Confectionery in Crisfield - 2009

Gordon's Confectionery in Crisfield
I was trying to find an old-timer waterman at Gordon's today to find out if we were going to have an early spring. Since I missed them (they were already out on the water), I took the the following photos. I decided on black and white for these photos because in 1924, they didn't have color and I am partial to black and white photos.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, those who visit Crisfield should not leave without stopping at Gordon's. It has been around since 1924. Need I say more?

This is Doug "Cheeseburger" Nelson, but everyone calls him Cheeseburger. In Crisfield, if you don't have a nickname you just don't belong (I even have one - for the locals who don't know, Nature Boy gave me the honor of bestowing the nickname of "Hot Lips" on me--doesn't seem to fit, but at least I am "official" now). Someone gave me another nickname of "Click" which fits.

Cheeseburger has been part of Gordon's for 25 years. He has been a member of the Lion's Club for about as many years, and he has been part of our Little League for an equal amount of time. Everyone in Crisfield is a jack-of all-trades, and everyone chips in to do whatever they can to help the community.

Cheeseburger can make you a great "cheeseburger" or a yummy crab cake, or fry you up some eggs any time of day. They don't put the eggs away at 11am like those fast food places do.

You can wash your meal down with some famous Gordon's coffee, and try some of their ice cream. If it is too cold for ice cream, check out the fresh-baked goods.

Remember Gordon's is open way before you  get up, and they don't close until 9pm. They are closed on Sunday.

Seated, left to right: Flea (remember what I said about those nicknames?), the MC of our boat docking contest and a great DJ, Phil Evans, and Kevin Marshall. Waitress is Rachel Harrison.

If you have never been to Crisfield, you need to make plans to attend our famous Annual Hard Derby Crab contest. See Chamber of Commerce on side bar for more info.

We celebrate three fun-filled days of everything that makes our bay town so special.

Flea is well-known for hosting several boat docking contests around Maryland, but this year will mark our 38th year.

Flea adds a special flair to the exciting contest that gives our waterman a chance to show off.

Boat Docking contest is August 31. Come by car, plane, or boat. If you are coming by boat, be sure to make your reservations now at Somers Cove Marina. Slips fill up fast. Call 410.968.0925.

And speaking of boat docking, Kevin Marshall, one our waterman, was a big winner in several contests last year. His boat, "The Fabricator" was built in his own shop with his own two hands.


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Wow.....I felt like I was at Gordon's with you today Crisfield Maryland. Please tell Flea and Mr. "Cheeseburger" I send greetings from Georgia. I just relocated back South from the D.C. area. I have been to Gordon's. Fantastic food!!

Your picture's are amazing. If I come back up that way, will you take me and my hubby for lunch there? Not kidding.

I have to follow your BLOG now.

Reggie Girl

Patty said...

Georgia? "Where 'bouts in Georgia?", as we would say. I was born in Atlanta but escaped to the foothills of the Northeast Georgia mountains years ago. We lived on the Hooch near Helen for 11 years. Retired here to be as near to our son as we could afford (he lives in Bel Air).

Lunch? I think I can afford to treat a Georgia girl and her hubby to lunch at Gordon's.

Good talking to you. Thanks for stopping by.

Barry said...

It sounds like one of my favorite restaurants here in West Hill, "The Amazing Teds", minus the nicknames.

The nicknames sound like fun!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Patty.........I am in desperate need of a new camera. Can you suggest one that is good yet reasonable. I would NEVER be able to take pictures like yours but I really want to try.

Next time I go to Helena, I will definately post pics. I'm going to Alabama to see my daughter Tuesday and of course will take a few shots there.

Thinking of lunch at Gordon's makes my mouth water.......

Patty said...

When in Canada, check out "The Amazing Teds" restaurant. Barry says it sounds like Gordon's. I guess every small town has its own Gordon's. At least some things are constant.

I will be posting some more Gordon's photos next week. Even in a virtual world Gordon's is comforting. Can't you just smell that coffee brewing?

Patty said...

Midlife in Newnan: If you want a large camera with interchangeable lenses, go for the Nikon D80, and get a zoom lens.

If you are looking for a point and shoot, you can get the Canon PowerShot SD880 for around $250.00.

For online shopping, go to They are reputable. A lot of photojournalist use them. Many of the online sites lure with you with low prices and sell you Grey market cameras with US warranties. Nikon will not touch a gray market camera without a Nikon warranty, and you don't get that with a Grey market camera.

Just what is a Grey market camera? Grey market means that the camera is sold in the US, and though it is the "real deal" it was not manufactured to be sold in the US.

Grey market cameras are sold at too good to be true prices and the seller does things like take out the good batteries and put in cheaper batteries, or they try to sell you the stuff that would normally come with the camera, and they never include a Manufacturer's warranty. The products are usually sold by shady dealers, and the Internet is full, full, full of them.

Another reputable online site is They are out of Atlanta. I used to buy from them in the eighties. They also sell used equipment, rated by condition. Buy "excellent" condition, and that is what you will get.

See what happens at Gordon's? Good food and good conversation. Life is sweet.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Thanks for the great advise. Think of me please while chowing down at good ole Gordons. And yes........I can just smell the that coffee brewing. Ahhhh.....the smell of comfort.

Patty said...

Will do, Midlife. Check back late next week for more Gordon's photos.

cheeseburger said...

patty, thanks for the kind words. we understand Gordon's isn't everyone's "cup of coffee", however I do believe we're a functioning working museum of sorts, a part of Crisfield which must continue to breathe.

Patty said...

Well now Cheeseburger, what would Crisfield be without Gordon's? The food is good, the coffee is loved by all, and where else can you go and be part of history while enjoying your breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Thanks for stopping by.

I keep missing the big crowds. I will try again next week.