Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meet J.R., 40 year member of the Thomas, WV Volunteer Fire Department

Thomas, WV Volunteer Fire Department
"Good things happen when you meet strangers." ~ Yo-Yo Ma

I first met J.R. last  summer, while riding around Thomas, WV. I love to ride the back roads whenever I travel, and having worked for newspapers for so long, I can spot an interesting person from a mile away. I have found that short conversations with strangers give me more insight on the world than long conversations with friends. I found J.R sitting in a chair in front of his house watching the traffic go by. I stopped my car and chatted for over an hour on my first visit. J.R. gave me a wonderful history lesson on Thomas, pointing out landmarks, and telling me about his career, that included his forty-years as a volunteer fireman with the Thomas, WV Volunteer Fire Department. Every time I go to Thomas, I look up J.R. I'll be back soon, J.R., so get out that snow plow.

Check back later for an update on JR. I met up with him yesterday. As many of my followers know, I make my post days in advance, sometimes weeks, but I often add posts from my day's travels. Also coming, photos from The Christmas Shop in Thomas, WV, where JR, dressed as Santa, entertains children. JR also makes the rounds at nursing homes. Also coming, a tour of the Thomas Volunteer Fire Department, with JR as our personal guide, of course.


Bagman and Butler said...

I envy your ability to just stop and talk. I think that part of my journalistic soul has atrophied and I need to work on rejuvenating it. On the other hand, I don't even talk to friends or family much.

Patty said...

Bagman: Awww, it will all come back to you. I learn so much from taking time to stop and talk to people. Everyone has an interesting story, and I have learned so much by hitting the breaks for a chat.

Sara Kovach said...

My Dad, Jr, passed away December 5, 2012. He is deeply missed.