Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deal Island crabber/The Choir director?

Deal Island crabber, Maryland Crabber, pelicans, 

While looking for a photo, I came across this photo, and thought it was worthy of a post before I lost it again. I have a ton of photos from my day spent with Deal Island crabber David Horner; only a few have been posted, and most not even looked at due to my time restrictions.  One day I will post more, or perhaps run upon another while searching for something else. In this photo, David takes a break from the rigors of checking his crab lines to seemingly lead this choir of pelicans in a "song of the bay." David told me the pelicans arrive daily, looking for bait scraps, and he and crew happily provide them.

FYI: if you want a taste of life on the Chesapeake bay, check out Deal Island, a small working water community that boasts some of the oldest churches in Somerset County, along with a fascinating history. It is also home to Captian "Daddy" Art Daniels, the oldest working waterman in Somerset Country, perhaps the entire state! While working, he still sings the hymns he learned as a boy.

Visit, talk to the waterman, and enjoy fresh oysters and crabs right out of the water. There, you can get 'em fresh, not after they have been stored. Where to get them? Check Lucky's and Arby's. 

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