Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from Crisfield and the Lady Laura Crab Boat

Happy Mother's Day from Crisfield

I had the above Mother's Day photo ready to go. This post was put to bed on Thursday in a pre-posted way, but on Friday I was shooting around town, and turning around, I saw from a distance, what I knew was a photo that was more than a good feature shot. All those years in the newspaper business taught me to recognize not only good photos, but photos that begged a story. This was one of those photos, so I ran over to get the scoop. The flowers being loaded onto the Lady Laura crab boat were headed to Ewell United Methodist Church, built in 1896, on Smith Island, to be handed out to mothers on Mother's Day. I found that to be a sweet, sweet story. There is nothing like living in a working water town. Oh, the photos you'll see.

Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere, but especially to the mothers of the Eastern Shore.

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